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Last Airbender

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Ice-Spirit Phoenix

Ice-Spirit Phoenix
The day had been hellish to say the least. After they had managed to regroup and get away from the town, she had gotten stuck with the job of carrying the kid. While dragging him around while he was moving under his own volition was one thing, this was something entirely different. It didn't help matters when he would randomly pull on her hair. The only saving grace there was that she had been able to switch him off with once or twice.

After they had begun traveling the day had seemed to stretch out forever. Of course it didn't really. She was a day person, and though she wasn't likely to admit it to anyone was nearly blind in anything darker than "bright". As soon as twilight hit, it was a lost cause. So she had complained and bitched until it seemed that Coden would give in. Fortunately that's when the wagon had arrived.

Once they were finally off their feet, off the road, and safely ensconced in the wagon, Angelique had set her sights on sleep. While she hadn't been able to fall asleep fully, she had been able to doze for a couple of hours before a voice caught her attention, pulling her back to wakefulness. Blearily she opened an eye.

Nothing. It was still too dark outside for her to make anything out, though she was pretty sure she knew which of their party that voice belonged to.

"We're in a wagon on our way to someplace called Ba Sing Se," she answered, exhaustion putting a slight snap into her tone. "Apparently it's going to be a few weeks, maybe even a month, and it's the middle of the night. Go back to sleep."

Laying her head back against the hay again, she tried to fall back asleep, but the jarring of the wagon prevented it. She had to wonder just how long this man was planning on going. To the next town? It was hard to say how far that would be. Almost as soon as she thought it, the wagon seemed to come to a halt.

"About time," she muttered, shifting to her side to try and get into a more comfortable position. Blisters on her feet stung, though the hay itself wasn't too bad to lay on. Slowly, she managed to fall into another doze.

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Alexis slept rather peacefully during the long trek, aside from the occasional mutterings that were impossible to understand. At some point, late in the night, Alexis eyes opened and glanced languidly around at the still surroundings. Shifting slightly in the hay as the others slept, she pulled out a bag from her side that she had been laying on. Glaring sleepily at the bag she made as to summon up her usual portal in which to dump the contents. To her surprise, nothing happened. No portal, no magic used and wasted. Just… Nothing. She sat there for a minute or so, staring at her hand, as if the information hadn’t truly processed through her.

The girl’s hands shot out, holding her breath in as she tried to create a portal…. Nothing. Tried to stop time around her…. Nothing. Tried to teleport the bit of straw away from her… Nothing. She began to panic, this wasn’t normal. It wasn’t like she didn’t have the energy anymore… She should be able to access that magic somehow… But nothing! Alexis hopped out over the side of the wagon to the ground, not bothering to question why they were there on the edge of a small sleepy town. As silently as she could, she headed off towards the swamp.

Not bothering to avoid getting her feet in the mud, Alexis paced out of earshot, trying over and over and over to get her magics to work. Tried to do things the quick way, summoning up the power with no results. Tried the hard way, sitting down on the damp soil muttering incantations to no avail. Tried throwing an object into the air so that when it fell towards her she’d subconsciously stop it… all she ended up with was a sore lump on her head. Pacing back and forth she tried to think of what could have gone wrong. How this could have happened. As she paced and fumed, the wind began to course through the forest, pushing the humid air back. She felt empty and hollow on the inside, she never didn’t have her magics before… It was like she lost something tremendously dear to her, and for the life of her she couldn’t figure out why.

Climbing up into a tree to get out of the wet, Alexis tried to think of any reason that she wasn’t able to use her magic. She didn’t remember any spells being cast on her, cursed objects she touched, magical beings she…. Wait…. He couldn’t! …..Could he? She THOUGHT she saw him at the tear!… but… she couldn’t be sure…. @$@^$%^… She didn’t know how to fix this, and she was stuck here. Stuck on some @#$%@% rock out in the middle of $#^%&#% nowhere while the fate of the universes are decided WITHOUT HER!!! Rather defeated looking, she returned to the cart, trying to enter it as to not wake the others, not wanting to ruin their night yet. For the longest time she fumed and sulked, unsure what she should do… could do now. Trying to think of some sort of plan...

Some time later, Alexis woke up to hear birds chirping high above, it must be the morning. Her face fell as she remembered the revelation from a few hours ago, and she glanced around, about to see if anyone else was up, guilt rising that she was the reason they were stuck here…. Alexis’ ears pricked slightly, she twisted her head to a crashing sound through the forest, some very big force was pushing through… Towards the town that they edged… This couldn’t be good…

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Go back to sleep... It was such a good idea. Sleep. How he needed it. Even before she had finished talking, Gale's eyes were already drooping, feeling like heavy iron curtains. He relaxed again, body going limp, wing rustling to situate itself. Head lolling to the side and arms wrapping more securely around his puppy, Gale slumbered again.

When birds began chirping and sun rays flowed through the canvas covering of the back wagon, he dozed, swaying with the wagon. Bumping with it as well, the hay under him cushioning. Soon, however, hunger gnawed at him. Pushing himself up, the boy headed to a hole near the front, wiggling through it to sit with Papa and the stranger. Situated between the two, Gale was silent, blinking slowly, rubbing sleep from his eyes.

the boy leaned up against Papa, ears twitching to the clatter of wagon, the twittering of the birds, the... he was hungry again. tugging on the sleeve of Papa, he opened his mouth to speak but stopped. Almost eagerly, he scrambled over the man, looking over in the forest next to them, squinting, searching. He heard something. subtle. What was it? It did not go away.

Instead, it got louder. Did Papa hear it as well? The boy tugged on his sleeve, pointing to the woods, where a group of giant lizards tromped out, armored men riding them, red and black armor, sharp metal helmets. Fire nation. Three or four came from the woods, and headed towards the cart.

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Like the others, Coden had nodded off to sleep. but never let his mind rest for long. Always jerking awake at one moment or another to keep their quarry company, or just to keep an eye on him. He was a stranger, after all. they could only trust him so far, in Coden's opinion.

As the night waned on and eventually became Morning, Coden found himself roused by Gale. he hadn't even realized he'd fallen asleep until he felt the little boy nuzzling against his side. Yawning, he'd pet his head and cross his arms over his chest. Until that tussled head of hair would push it's way under his arm and he'd let his closed in comfort fall open to drape an arm around Gale's shoulders.

Then it was still again. At least for a few moments until Gale began miming for food, obviously enough. And Coden would mime back that he had nothing by patting his clothes searchingly and shrugging with empty hands. even as Gale was clambering over his lap, for who knows what, Coden could see the tired old driver beside him chuckle silently and thumb to the back of the cart, as if offering some of his wares for their stomachs.

The old man hadn't even begun to mouth the affirmation when Both the old man and Coden looked towards what Gale had really been fussing about. Shortly after Gale had heard it, Coden heard it next. And watched warily as the uniformed people neared the cart on their lizard like mounts.

Coden fell stiff and pulled Gale into his lap then pushed him firmly into the seat between he and the old man. Hiding him behind his arm and holding the boy down by his legs to keep him still and quiet. As he watched the Fire nation scouts, Coden- unaware of who they were despite the obvious, could tell they were up to no good. They simply leered at them as if to intimidate or egg him on.

"We aren't looking for any trouble. If you don't mind getting off the road, we'll be on our way." He could see them laughing in silence. And questioned if he might have to do something about it. He hoped not. He wasn't sure how their kind cart-driver would take to a full out blood bath.

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Alexis tensed up as the soldiers approached. Just by their auras she could tell this wasn't going to go well. The armored men’s aura reeked of confidence and the harsh ragged edge that she’d seen in people that had done rather horrid things in their life. The man up with Coden and Gale’s aura was yellowing, which didn’t help the situation either. Shifting slightly through the hay, she went towards the front to get a better look at them. Her hand began twitching slightly, if they tried anything, all she had to do was stop- wait…. #@$@#$@# she couldn’t do that right now…. Then… would she just use the new magics? How did that work anyway? Or would they botch up on her as well? This week was just getting worse and worse…

As Alexis’ conflicting feelings churned within her, gusts of wind began to rustle the forest trees. The guards glanced back to the tarp covered back of the wagon, hearing the sounds of rustling in the hay. They pulled it back to reveal Pala, Angelique and Alexis. The soldier’s main attention didn’t seem to be on them specifically, but the produce and caged animals. Without giving the three another glance, they headed back towards the front of the cart.

“Travelers have to pay a tax to journey through Fire Nation lands.” Glancing back to the back, he tossed his head towards the animals. “Got an army to feed. We thank you for your contribution and you’ll be able to head on your way. After all, you wouldn’t want something bad happening would you?”

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If that was all the men wanted was the food and animals, they could have it. They didn't need any more trouble with these men or any others. From the corner of his eyes, Coden could see the distress in the old man. The reins tightened and loosened and stirred the birds. To Coden, the message was clear. Much as it was unlike him and much as he didn't want to... the old man gave him a weary side glare with his head hanging low. A tiny glimmer of something desperate and hopeful. Something he was so use to extinguishing with blood thirsty glee.

A small sigh escaped him. "Stay in the cart." Coden muttered beneath his beneath his breath. Tightened his fists and pushed Gale further into the seat between he and the old man, if it were even possible to do so.

One of the fire nation soldiers stared at Coden with a growl. "You got something to say, Earth bender?"
Coden ignored the soldier for a moment, focusing on where the others were. The soldier got closer, annoyed at being ignored. The man confronted Coden again. This time grabbing his robes to yank him from the cart. With a small shift, Coden grabbed the man by his helmet and smashed his face into the side of the cart seat.

"Stay in the cart," he warned again, leaping out of his seat. Attacking the guards at the back of the cart, he dragged them away from the goods and women. Using a twist of momentum to throw them a good distance away.

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They had a... feel about them. A bloodlust, a hate. Why did they feel these things? Gale wondered as they demanded to old man's food and wares. He could see nothing that the man did against them... it was hate... coming from ones who thought themselves superior.

The boy stifled a growl as Papa pushed him away and one went up to the man, demanding things again. And then Papa attacked. Letting out a bark of a laugh, Gale completely ignored Coden's earlier requests and leaped from the cart.

There was his own hate of these people. Rage at their own superiority complex. When Papa led the others away, Gale yanked the dizzy guard from the side of the cart seat. A familiar motion was all it was. Muscle memory. A flash of the hand near his boot - the sandals got replaced - and there was a knife in his hands.

A knife! How did he use this?! The Fire Bender recovered, and, pushing the child away, readied himself in a stance. They boy readied himself as well, though it was less professional. He circled around, angeling the firebending man away from the wooden cart.

Now was when the man seemed to get tired of the animalistic circling and attacked, stomping forward, punching the air. Fire erupted from his fist, like a flower blooming. The boy circled around it, bending his back and moving up the circle. With his own hand gestures, he blew wind at the man. but the breeze was weak and did no more than force him back a step.

Astonishment seemed to be evident in the man's posture. Shoulders bent back, a shaking in his fists and knees. Gale could just feel his wanting to feel. But... he did not. Instead, another flame burst forth to the boy and he dodged, dashing forward.

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Alexis groaned to herself as Coden raced off. Like hell she was going to stay in the @$@% cart… She wasn’t a little kid. She could look after herself and….. her features slumped slightly as the one actual kid ran off into attack mode. Rolling her eyes as she hopped out of the cart, she went after the person that had just blasted fire out towards Gale. One soldier, no problem.

Cutting close to him, she ducked and weaved around the man’s assault, getting closer and closer, to close for him to attack with his flame. Landing a few punches that for some reason seemed harder than normal, she realized this was going to be a lot harder than she thought. He didn’t seem as fazed by the punches as she had hoped, and everyone was moving a lot faster than she was used to. Just to exemplify the point, the man finally landed a punch, the fiery blow sending Alexis rather ungracefully off her feet.

Cursing her luck as she picked herself up, hand pressed against the singed jacket to help brace herself, she turned back towards Gale, giving a look that plainly meant to stay where he was. “Guard the cart Gale” …That’d hopefully keep him out of trouble… Turning back towards the man she gave a cocked grin, her hand hesitantly left her side, lifting into the air. Swiping the arm down, a blade of wind cut towards him, sending the man back several feet, another blade tossing him into the air, slamming into a tree. Taking a few steps towards him, she made sure he wasn’t dead, she wanted to question him about all this mess when this was over. She wasn’t sure the same could be said about those that Coden was fighting.

Speaking of which… Alexis raced towards the fray, skidding to a stop near Coden, glancing around at the soldiers. “Did you honestly think I’d stay with the cart?” Alexis asked incredulously, settling into a fighting stance. “I can handle myself you know” Alexis said, partially trying to tell herself this as much as to the others.

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After having one of their own thrown at them like a bowling ball, the soldiers scrambled to their feet. Giving Coden a moment long enough to charge and take advantage of their fallen guard. As the first leaped to his feet, a wave of heat burst out in all directions. Coden evaded the blast with ease, vaulting himself over the flames. He and the bender skirmished, throwing punches, dodging blows. Coden more on the defensive than usual as he avoided getting his face burned off.

Only a few moves later and the others were on their feet. His main opponent thought him distracted and went for a cheap shot below the waist. Coden caught the mans foot before any permanent genetic damage was done, though, and turned the cruel punishment on the fire bender. The man squeaked and crumpled under his own weight, before Coden threw the man at his charging comrades.

They caught the whimpering soldier before realizing the distraction, dropping him to fend off Coden with a flurry of fiery punches and kicks. He dodged them, dancing around each fiery death trap. Twisting here to that ones side, ducking there to the others back. This would have been easier with his tendrils and the lack of magic fire. Damned if he knew why they wouldn't work, though.

Either bender stood at his sides. Coden ducked to avoid a punch, swiveled to avoid a foot to the face. Grabbed either limb and tugged the men off balance and into each other, before skipping out of the way as they did a nimble flip to adjust, fire dancing in their wake.

Back to square one, but with slightly wearier opponents, Coden objected to a stare down. He'd been avoiding blood shed so far, but the lack of morbidity was making things difficult. He was about to charge into the fray again when Alexis popped up by his side. His concentration on the soldiers broken as his sudden focus became an agitation for her safety.

Transfixed on the young woman like she was an alien of ungodly existence, Coden strangled the air she once occupied, before stumbling less than gracefully into the fro after her.
The guards she charge looked well prepared to attack Alexis when he paused in confusion. Their enthusiastic enemy suddenly jerked back with a gusto, and flung through the air by her own Alli back to the cart from whence she came.

Coden hadn't even looked to be sure Alexis had hit the cart. though from the sounds of it, albiet a little painful sounding, she landed in the expected target. "I don't give a shit if you can handle it or not! Keep your Shiltehrae in the Dahgma Cart!"
The fire nations soldiers were still a moment, momentarily distracted until Coden darted after them before they decided to pay attention again.

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With a sudden grasp from behind, and a short trip in the air, Alexis found herself painfully landing in a jumbled heap on cartons and straw. Lying prone for several long moments before her foot twitched. A soft moan could be heard as she dizzily glanced around at the upside down world. After a few seconds spent righting herself in the cart, ignoring the looks she knew she’d be getting from the others as she rubbed the rather sore spot on her head.

Hopping off the cart in a rather disjumbled fashion, not bothering to pick out the straw or feathers from the chicken-pig from her hair or the trickle of blue blood that slid down the side of her face. She took a few wobbly steps towards Coden, her glare ruined by the fact that her eyes weren’t truly focused. One of the soldiers broke off from the skirmish with Coden, arm reaching back to attack when her hand shot out, latching onto his jacket. Dragging him in close, her fist shot out, slamming across his face. Letting the man fall to the ground, she took another few steps forward, tapping Coden on the shoulder, features slumping over as each second passed.

“….You really…. You really needs to learn how to not throw peoples into… not fun places….” Alexis slurred as her hand reared back to hit him as well, before drooping, as if it had suddenly become extremely heavy. Her gaze tilted upwards at nothing before collapsing onto the ground in a semi-conscious daze.

The remaining two soldiers stood there for a few moments, staring incredulously at their enemies conduct during the battle. Resuming their fighting stances, they closed in, much more leery of these strange combatants.

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When the one soldier broke off, Coden hardly noticed. In his mind, the man was circling around to surprise him from behind. He ducked from a non existent punch behind him, launching himself up to lone fire bender in front of him. A crunch and sicking smack sent the bender to the ground with a broken and bloody nose the pooled in his lap.

A small tap on the shoulder caught his attention. A faint? They'd expect him to turn one way, but he'd turn the other and catch them off guard. Swiveling on one foot, the Gyspus drew back a blood fist and lurched, only to stop dead in his tracks. Bewildered at the sight of the rather incoherent Alexis standing before him. She looked drunk, minus the intoxicated influence.

Flinching at her discontinued punch, Coden lurched a second too late to catch the young Moipai in her decent. Fingers twisting into sheepish fists when she hit the ground with a hallow 'whump'. For perhaps a moment too long, he stood staring at the young woman. As if uncertain what to make of her statement. A small shake of the head returned his attention to the men leering after he and his party.

Standing protectively over the Moipai, Coden attempted to over come this cinch in his plans. If only he could figure which problem to attend to first. The obvious enemy staring down on him? Or the benevolent young woman apparently slumbering beneath his feet?

Cursing beneath his breath, Coden slowly knelt to the ground to attend Alexis, all while silently cursing her imprudence. "Stay where you are. If you even exhale the stanch of your breaths in this direction, You'll be faced with a darker fate than unconsciousness." His eyes never left the two men. Taking his precautions as if faced with venomous snakes. No sudden movements. Just a slow and cautious retrieval of Alexis, cradling her in one arm.

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jared-hai is amazing

jared-hai is amazing
Coden slowly backed away, vulnarable whilst moving alexis back. The soliders were trained well enough to seize an oppurtinity when it arised, and lunged at him, before he had time to react.
Before they could strike him however, they were flung to the side by a large burst of air and dust.
Coden hastily turned to see Pala, sporting a rather vicious glare.
"They're not going to spoil my fun, damn it." She snarled. "How dare you take advantage of her. I won't forget who you really are, even if she does. Preying on the inexperienced, she's too young to realise that a beast like you won't change their spots even after a million chances, even after a lifetime to make up for what you have done." She slowly walked towards him, and with another blast of wind from one raised hand, she knocked coden and alexis apart, pushing him back away. "Give me an excuse why i shouldn't end you right here, and spare her a broken heart."

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Pala was like the face of ultimate justice for that brief momentum. Shoving the truth of his nature in his face unexpectedly and throwing the Gyspus off his game. As quickly as her words struck his core, he shot her an equally fierce glare. Scrambling back to his feet to stand his ground, albeit shaky on his feet from her abrupt interjection.

Glancing between the guards and the Woman standing between he and Alexis, Coden pushed himself up straighter, a small pain tingling in his side. "You can be as righteous and Almighty on my sorry excuse as a man all you want, but now is not the time or place for this discussion." He'd avoid it if at all possible. He had a feeling Pala would be riding his case all the while she had him at close quarters in this world. That is if she didn't strike him down where he stood now, or later.

Whether she stood to reason or not, Coden only gave her a half a blink to conciser his excuse, if at all. Before hurrying to gather Alexis and Gale and throw them back in the cart. Much as he might enjoy pummeling the soldiers to a bloody pulp, literally, the safety of his certain companions was most important to him.

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All through the fights, gale hopped nervously from one foot to the other near the cart. Guarding the cart was a good idea. They needed it to travel and if it was on fire and broken and ash. Nope. So he waited there, tiny knife in hand, anxiously waiting for some enemies to show up.

But Papa had them covered. And 'Lexis. The boy really wanted to help, really wanted to get out there and... and... what? Fight, protect 'Lexis... A flash of tearing out throats and eyes in his mind. That too. Fear of what that... kept him rooted near the cart, shaking with excitement and fear. He wanted.... He wanted...

Pala emerged, swiping away the enemies and... Papa! Lexis! The boy rushed forward, blood lust rising. Damn bitch, attacking them! Alexis, who took care of him and gave him good food and- A thump against his chest.

Coden had the boy in his arms and Alexis was nearby and they were fleeing from the woman. the guards, in Gale's view, were lost. It was only the woman and the way she attacked Alexis. As Coden ran back to the cart, Gale struggled, almost coming close to stabbing Coden in the face.

'Kill her, kill her!' The threat! The woman who attacked and hurt! Get rid of her now! Pressing against Coden's arms, he growled at her, intent on destroying the female threat.

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jared-hai is amazing

jared-hai is amazing
"I've not come to discuss." She raised both her hands, but not in the same way the benders did. She was much more blunt.
She gave another blast of air to Coden, knocking gale free.
"You can't use him as a shield." Pala quickly raised a seriies of stone fangs from the ground to trap Coden inside.
"You should be left to those fire-wielders. Maybe they'd find a use for a monster like you."

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Ice-Spirit Phoenix

Ice-Spirit Phoenix
Angelique was still tired and irritable the next morning when she woke up with the birds in the bleak light of pre-dawn. Stubbornly, she continued to lay there, desperately trying to hold onto sleep, though that didn't last long. None too happily, she got off of the rather uncomfortable hay and jumped down out of the cart, stretching.

Glancing around, she summoned her powers, creating a small fire in her hand.

"Looks like the area's clear of water," she said, transforming and flying up into a nearby tree. When the cart began to move, she landed on the canvas top of the cart and dozed there. This was again interrupted when the canvas top was thrown off, sending her flying.

After her rather unceremonious landing, she lay there in a daze for a while. Shaking her head clear, she transformed back to human form and climbed out of the mess of material. She glanced back. It was on fire. Oh dear.

She watched the fight as it drew to a close, before storming over to the group.

"Well, glad to see we're making even more friends," she snapped, before noticing the tension. She stepped forward and grabbed Pala's shoulder. "Oh will you all stop fighting. Personally I'd rather not get stuck here because you're all idiots. After all Alexis isn't going to send us home if you kill him."

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Coden stare icily after Pala, recovering from her airy blasts. Albeit shaky on his feet from being knocked around. "I'm not using him as a shield." His tone came ragged and irate.

His lips parted to attempt an explanation he knew she wouldn't stand to hear when the slender fangs of earth jostled into the air. They were a bit intimidating, despite Coden looked completely unafraid.

They seemed to give a little jerk when Angelique hung herself on Pala, though. That set Coden a little more uneasy. He felt a little like they were spring loaded and just waiting to skewer him. Choosing a safer route of action, Coden simply backed away. Hands raised and head down, but always watching.

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A soft groan could be heard from the side of the cart as Alexis sat up, clutching the side of her head. Fingers wound through bloody mats of hair, she glanced around while trying to apply some sort of pressure to stop the bleeding. The scene in front of her made her worry less about that though, as she shakily got to her feet, using the wooden vehicle for support. Glancing between the several parties, she tried to piece together what was happening.

The soldiers were downed, Coden was trapped in some sort of structure created from stone and earth, Pala looked rather furious and Angelique was talking to her, from what snatches she caught, she was trying to talk her down. What had caused this? She tried to remember, but all she could call up was attacking a soldier, and going towards the other enemies before things became rather blurry and confusing.

After debating for a moment to herself what she should do, she pushed away from the cart, trying to place herself between the conflicting parties. Hands raised in both directions, fingers splayed out as if ready to stop time on them all or teleport them away. It was better for them to think she still had her powers at the moment it seemed, as she tried to think of what she’d do if anyone actually attacked. Send a gust of wind at them? It seemed like a rather crude and useless idea… but that was all she could come up with at the moment. “…There’s no need for us to be fighting like this. Personally, I’m rather sick of the constant battling and squabbles…. So if everyone could just calm down, we can discuss whatever’s bothering you guys… Especially since I don’t think that these soldiers were all alone in these woods… Nor will they be knocked out forever…”

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jared-hai is amazing

jared-hai is amazing
"He was ready to kill you last time, Alexis. Don't you understand?" Pala wavered a little, and the fangs of stone retracted. "I'm trying to protect you from that viper. Don't you understand men? They pretend to be sorry for anything they've done, just to keep you off him. soon as the opportunity arises, he'll attack again." She shrugged angelique away.

"And what makes you think i want to go back to fragment? At least this world is like my own. I don't want to go back to that hell. Unless you can take my home Alexis, i'm staying."

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The boy was knocked from Coden, hitting the ground hard and rolling as it came up to consume the man. Crouched down, tiny knife still in hand, he listened to them talk, debate, whatever they wanted to call it. All the while his golden eyes were fixated on the Pala woman. His ears twitched and turned to hear the others, but all her movements were seen by the boy. The subtle dropping of her hands when the stone fangs fell, the heave of her shoulders, the steps she took to rearrange herself - Gale missed none of it.

If she went to Papa, if she attacked him again -

But Alexis... calmed her down? It... maybe. Taking a hesitant step forward, he crouched next to Coden, ears twitching as he heard the muscles in his arms move and his legs step back.

Ok... was Papa away from the dangerous eating ground now?

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Ice-Spirit Phoenix

Ice-Spirit Phoenix
Angelique glared at Pala. "Look, I don't care if you want to go back to Fragment or not, but I don't want to stay here and I'm guessing that Alexis wont be taking us off of here if he's dead." She gestured rather forcefully to Coden's general direction. "So if you want to stay here, then fine, go find a place to settle down and have a great life, but don't interfere with those of us who might want to leave."

She took a step back, glaring around at the half ruined cart, bodies of unknown states, and the rather morose farmer. "Now how about rather than standing here fighting we display an iota of intellect, suck it up, and get moving."

She began to make her way around the cart, stopping once she was in front of it, and turning to glare at the other four again, arms crossed, waiting.

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jared-hai is amazing

jared-hai is amazing
"I'm not here to be mothered." Small flecks of flame randomly ignited around her, only to blink out immediately out. "I'm tired of your little band of..." She sighed. "Nevermind. Don't come crying to me when he tries to stab you in the back again."

Pala trudged off alone, unwittingly cracking the ground around her, and smouldering the leaves off nearby plants. She refused to trust any of them.

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Alexis cursed to herself as Pala left. This was exactly what she didn’t want happening… Admittingly it was preferable to them trying to kill each other… But that wasn’t the point. She wanted them to stick together, even if she couldn’t port them now… at least she’d be able to leave quickly when… or if… she got them back. Glancing back at the cart, she looked between the mess that it was and the others.

“…I’ll be right back… If you could get everything fixed and ready… I…. I want to go talk to her… sort this out…” Alexis said as she followed Pala’s tracks, rather simply in fact. Heading off after her, she cursed not being able to go much faster than she was, her pace not that much faster than the much taller woman. After a minute or so, out of relative earshot, Alexis finally caught up. “…Please don’t leave Pala…”

Alexis glanced off towards the cart, rubbing the growing lump on her head. “At least… don’t leave now… I know you don’t like me or the others very much… And I know you don’t like Fragment… I understand… I hate it there myself after all the time I’ve been there… But… Someone’s gotta do it… I couldn’t just leave them after all that… But you don’t have to. I wouldn’t make you… But will you keep traveling with us a little while longer? This place isn’t that safe either, we’ve been attacked how many times? We’re going to some of the more safer areas… If what I’ve gleaned from the farmer is right. At least wait till there… If you want to leave then… I won’t stop you… And… I’m sorry I can’t get you to your world right now….” Alexis said, looking rather morose about that. She hated this, the whole situation sucked….

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Much as his instinct egged him to defend himself, Coden held his tongue. He wasn't so prideful as to mindlessly charge into a verbal battle over name sakes. Especially when Pala was, at most, 90% right about him.

When she finally backed away, her spines of hovering rock falling back with her, Coden gradually let his guard fall. Good riddance, he thought as she spat and stormed away. Of course he knew that wasn't going to last. As expected, little miss peace keeper hurried after the elementalist.

Much as Coden wanted to drag Alexis back and Let Pala be on her way, he knew he couldn't change Alexis' mind. Let alone do so without taking himself out of her own personal favor.

Letting his muscles tense and relax, the Gyspus casually set a hand atop Gales head. A habitual, albeit subconsciously compassionate, gesture as he pushed himself forward to the cart. "Let's do as she says, Trooper." His voice came low and weary. Lacking of the usual authority he voiced.

As he passed Angelique, Coden paused once. His eyes lingering upon her as if he had something to say. A possible thanks? Or prideful snark? Whatever lingered in his mind towards her scarcely remained as he picked up his step as quickly as he stopped, quietly gathering up scattered wares the soldier had attempted to steal. Messily throwing them into the cart so they could move as quickly as possible before others came to discover them.

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jared-hai is amazing

jared-hai is amazing
"First...i want answers." Pala rubbed her eyes. "Why do you let him stay with you? And so close to the child? Why are you so eagre to let a murderer hold the knife over your throat? You don't need him to survive."

She looked into Alexis' strange, purple eyes. They were so..different.
"You don't think i know what i am talking about? There was a..couple, in my home village. The husband would beat his wife, whenever something didn't go his way. But for some reason, she was still in love with him, and would forgive him every time he pleaded for forgiveness. Yet...the next moment, he'd be taking out his fury upon her again." She gave a nervous look in the direction of the group by the cart.
"But...he's not an ordinary, angry abusive man. He's worse...he looks like the sort who would enjoy the pain he inflicts. Don't you see what i'm saying?"

She took a few steps away from alexis, looking at the ground.
"Why would i be doing this if i hated you? I'm trying to protect you."

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