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Last Airbender

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jared-hai is amazing

jared-hai is amazing
Pala smirked, this small prediction of hers coming true.
"Can't stay out of trouble, can you, Alexis?" She laughed.
As she casually stepped inbetween the earthbenders and Alexis and gale, she raised an arm in the direction of some nearby water barrels. The water flew out, freezing and sharpening into wicked-looking icicles. She then raised a small wall of stone infront of Alexis to try and keep her safe.
"Leave, before somebody hets hurt. Not that i would mind things coming to that..."

She mistook the mens' expressions for fear, not for the fact that she simultaenously controlled water and earth together...something that was not seen in those parts.

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Ice-Spirit Phoenix

Ice-Spirit Phoenix
Angelique skidded slightly as she rounded a corner, taking off full-tilt again. Apparently no sooner had she left her room than the alarm had been sounded and now she found herself with half the building's population of her tail. Or so it seemed, at least. Jumping to the side, she narrowly avoided being tossed into the air by a stone column. Glancing around, she growled slightly and kept going. If only there were someplace she could transform...there! Up ahead she spotted a doorway that was cracked open. If she could get in and barricade the door...

Turning slightly, she ducked and dodged the floor and walls as they attempted to skewer her or suck her in, bolting through the door and slamming it shut, body pressed against it to keep it closed. Not that she'd be able to withstand if any of those earth benders tried to open it.

"One shot," she muttered, standing back from the door and summoning up her power. No sooner had the flames sprung up, than water from a nearby bucket rose up as well and doused her.

The door was thrown open. She stared at the man who'd opened it, probably a janitor, and he stared at her. Then, as he turned to sound the alarm, she sent the water at him, leaving him sputtering for a moment. Grabbing a broom she took off down the hall again, janitor hot on her trail.

Oh I've upset the custodial staff as well... She was really starting to get annoyed with this whole world. Everyone who lived there was insane, apparently. When I find Alexis I'm going to run her through with my ice... She stopped that train of thought as she ran into another room. Of course she'd caught up with the guards...Scratch that. I'll run her through as soon as she gets me out of here!

The room she was in now had a window...and no water in sight. Not wasting any time, she transformed and shot out the window, making a beeline for the commotion on the wall.

Well at least they're easy to find. Turning into a dive, she came to a stop on Alexis' head. There was too much water around to transform back at the moment, anyway.

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Coden found the building he was looking for. The large building bustling with livelihood as Guards casually stood at their posts and patrolled their assigned paths. Gale and his other companions were here. Now to figure out how to break them out.

Climbing the stairs, Coden froze. "Stop them! Don't let them get away!" His very targets bound out a back window and around the building, swiftly pursued. What did he make of that? A job made easier, or a plan gone awry? Regardless, Coden redirected his path. Acting as a stray soldier off to assist his fellow Earth benders.

Mimicking their stances, Coden held his ground. Waiting in the line of men as he contemplated what he did next. 'Pala!? Just how many people from fragment are here, Alexis?' Coden stood down and backed away. Carefully edging to the back of the group. A heat grew in his palms. It was the perfect advantage. He was invisible to the Men around him. But was it really the smartest move?

Coden waited. Patience calming the steam radiating from his palms. Not yet. Not unless there was real trouble.

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Alexis shook her head to try to get rid of the headache that strained her after the rather rough few hours she’s had. As soon as her hair settled into place, a small pink bird landed in her hair, nestling down as it hid behind her bangs… If she didn’t know the bird’s alternate form, she’d have thought she was seeing things. She clutched onto Gale protectively with one arm, as the other arm was rigid at her side, ready for whatever attack they launched. But surprisingly, after Pala’s attack, they didn’t move. Didn’t launch rocks at them, didn’t try to trap them in earth. Just a single man in the mass stepped forward, not fierce and hardened like Alexis had become used to seeing in the soldiers back on Fragment. It was rather warm, if not wearied, which softened the glare she had been giving them before…

“Please calm down, we are truly not trying to hurt you. We are just trying to help you.”

“Don’t give me that, that’s the oldest line in the book. We don’t need your help.” Alexis said bitterly. She had everything under control. She knew what she had to do, just wait till she could open up a portal to the Void and cart everyone back to Fragment. Simple as that. “You didn’t act like it earlier when you ATTACKED us and IMPRISONED us! That does not a good impression make.”

“But you don’t know what’s out there! Being isolated has made you naive! The world is at war! If the fire nation found out about people who are able to bend multiple elements, if there were airbenders left… They’d try to use you for the war!”

“YOU’RE trying to use us for your war! Who says you’ve the right! That your cause is better! I don’t plan on being used for either side of this war!” Alexis fumed, they weren’t going to have this ‘Fire Nation’ use them because she didn’t plan on being here long enough for them to find them. As soon as she was at a better capacity, she was just going to leave. Simple as that.

“Our cause? All we want to do is live in peace! Over a hundred years ago, we lived contently as four nations, until the Fire Nation began to ravage the world. Completely wiping out the Air Nation in a massive genocide. Decimating the south pole, invading our lands. Killing innocent people. Would you stand aside and NOT do something? To protect your own lands, your own peoples, your family? If you were to help, then we could help end this war! The avatar has returned! This war is getting to its climax! If you help, then we could save so many lives that otherwise would be burned away.” The man said, a hint of sadness in his voice towards the end, putting his own losses into question.

Alexis hesitated on her next retort, watching the mans aura shift to a darkened blue. She bit her lip, she hated these kinds of moral dilemmas. She didn’t like seeing innocent people, people that would have otherwise lead happy peaceful lives get swept up in wars. Didn’t like to see the ruin, death, and destruction. It reminded her of things she’d rather never let surface from the dark depths of her mind. But… She was already in another war. Already seeing this happen elsewhere. Her own fault it escalated to that point…. She wasn’t going to willingly put people through that… Not again… And… Sadly… The more cynical side of her wondered what one world’s war actually meant in the large scale. What this Fire Nation did on this world didn’t affect any other world besides it’s own. Their destructive force was contained. She had to focus on more important things. The battles against the Tarot Master had a lot more at stake. Not just groups of people or countries, or a universe. It was for the multiverses, and if she lost…. It didn’t matter what happened on this world if she lost…

While Alexis was lost in her thoughts, a few of the soldiers edged in closer. “I’m sure if we can just sit down and talk about this, we can figure out something together. Alright? We can just talk.” The man said calmly and smoothly as they edged in closer, trying to avoid another chases and messy captures.

Alexis glanced up from her musings, surprised as to how close the soldiers got in the last few seconds. Panicking, she held a hand outwards, trying to summon up the power to teleport them away. The soldiers tensed, but all that happened was a few purple sparks and cracks as the magic died. Alexis cursed to herself, her arm visibly shaking from the drain… At least it didn’t backlash… She’d have been screwed if it had done that… The soldiers were still too close, getting closer as she stepped back. If it was just her, she’d have dashed out with what little magic she had left, but she had three people to look out for, with another who knew where… Struggling to keep standing, she swiped her arm, fingers coursing through the air. A sharp gust cut a line between them and her. Setting Gale down by Pala, she waved her hands in a circular motion, following that gut feeling. The winds swirled around, forming a shield of sorts.

“We need to get out of here! Pala, Angelique! Options? I can’t keep this up forever you know…” Alexis hissed, her arms protesting every move, a heaviness settling in, a rather ominous feeling for the girl.

The soldiers backed off for a moment, lead by their captain. He didn’t want to have to resort to this… But he couldn’t let an opportunity like this be passed up for his people… Not after all they had already lost… “… Get them.”

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jared-hai is amazing

jared-hai is amazing
Pala considered impaling as many men as possible with what ice she had, but she knew it would only weigh down on her own, and Alexis' consciences. Instead, she decided merely to keep them at bay.

She slamed the ice into the ground, and split it to form a smooth layer across the distance between them and the guards.
"Care to go skating?" She asked them, with a grin. "But be careful," She conjured a gale around herself, picking up twigs and dust up with it. "It's windy." She hit them with it, knocking them all down on the ice, armour and weapons clattering all over.

She giggled, watching them fall about.
"Hehe, i'm actually having fun!"

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Holding his hat firmly atop his head, Coden jumped back from the heavy whirl winds and slick ice coated ground. he didn't need to get caught up in that mess. He was on Pala's side...surprisingly.

Taking another wary step back, Coden watched as his 'allies' slipped and scrambled to their feet, grabbing for weapons to hold them up and crashing into each other like legless fools. He was prepared to just walk away from the mess and snatch Alexis when the captain called out to the rising soldiers and himself.
"What are you doing!? Don't just stand there, you fools! Get up! Do something! Don't let them get away!"

He froze for a brief moment. Taking a stance, Coden took a deep and steady breath. Exhaling, He swept his arms out from his sides in a twisted circulatory motion. A wall of flames erupting between the rising soldiers and his companions. Growing into a ring around Pala's ice and caging the startled guards.

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Ice-Spirit Phoenix

Ice-Spirit Phoenix
From her perch on top of Alexis' head Angelique watched the fray in no real hurry to get involved, though she was sure that her ability to stay out wouldn't last. Sure enough, though the ice slowed the guards down, they were pulling themselves up, in some cases using rock pillars brought up through the ice to pull themselves up. As the guards seemed to regroup, she chirped rather unhappily.

When the red haired guy showed back up, causing a wall of flames to appear around them, she became confident that they would be able to get themselves out of the situation just fine. Using the commotion as cover, she took off from Alexis' head away from the fight and toward the outskirts of the city.

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He had been looking for Alexis when he was yanked right off his feet... by Alexis. The familiarity and safety of being held by her had a sigh of escape release him and he rested against her, head on her shoulder.

That all changed when they got sucked into the ground. But he was tired, he needed to sleep, needed to eat. Sometimes the world would be in slow motion and other times it would speed to catch up and then he felt sick and the ground swallowed them and he was being pressed down and panicking.

Before he knew it, they were outside and getting attacked... again. Puppy was in a strangle hold as Alexis tried to protect them. He did not like this. Not at all. He just wanted something to eat and not another war. Those were bad. Food... he felt a cave in his stomach. Food was good.

Set down by Pala as the attacks continued, he watched listlessly for a while before backing up and away from the fights. Carefully, he snuck away. He needed food hours ago. Around the corner seemed to be a market of sorts, full of stalls and stands. Patting down his pockets, Gale found a coin. This could get food?

He hoped so. Heading down the street, he stopped at the first stall, oblivious of the stares and gasps that he got. Having the attention of the owner rather quickly, he pointed to a bundle of fruit like things and held out the coin. Cautiously, always watching the golden eyed winged boy, she plucked down some fruits and handed it to him,trading for the coin.

Gale took two steps to the side, plopped down on the ground and, digging into the food with his fingers, peeled it open and began eating.

the boy was unaware as a pair of guards who had broken away from the fight came looking for him. It was relatively easy to find a tiny dark skinned boy with a wing and they watched him as he ate, confused grins spreading across their faces. Did they take him now or wait until he was done or allow the captain to come or what? When one reached down to grab him, Gale snarled viciously. That had him pulling his hand away and he went right back to eating. His friend laughed and plucked some fruit from the stall.

Hesitantly, he held it out to the boy. When he swallowed what he had in his mouth, he reached for the food. But it was quickly drawn back and waved in front of him a few steps away. The boy spat and turned back to a piece of fruit in his lap.

When he looked up, again it was in front of him. But when he reached out for it this time, he was able to take it. Giving the two men a strange look, Gale began eating that too.

The two men laughed and decided to placate the child with food. Then maybe they could take him once he was full. Too bad they didn't realize how hungry Gale was in the first place.

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Alexis paused for a moment as Coden revealed himself as one of the guards. Which was odd for her… She should have noticed something like that… How did he not notice that? Setting those thoughts aside, Alexis focused on the trapped soldiers. She didn’t want t kill them… She just wanted them to stop chasing after them. While they were occupied by the flame wall, she thought back to the small blades of grass she held in the air earlier. Just a twisting of air currents, but on a large scale….

She took a breath, unsure if would work or not. Breathing out, she tried to calm herself, her hands falling to her sides. She couldn’t help the occasional twitch, but for the most part, they were still. A small breeze brushed against her fingers, causing them to curl up slightly. She lifted her hands quickly and spun them around, twisting so the wall of fire and ice was to her side. Staring at the air currents, her hands wrapping around, nestling them into a uniform spiral. She spread her hands out further and further from each other, still coaxing the different currents. It started to pick up bits of debris, sending a breeze out in every direction.

"You shouldn't force other people to fight your battles for you," Alexis called out as the power began to build around her. "Don't come near us again!" And with that, she unleashed the torrent she had created, forcing the whirlwind toward the soldiers, allowing it to wreak havoc as it wished. "Run!" She told the others, waiting only a moment for them to follow before leading them out. Winding and twisting through various streets and alleys they went until they had gone far enough that she could no longer hear the shouting or commotion they had caused. She didn't know how far they went... or where exactly they were, but somehow she found herself leaning against a wall in what looked to be a fancy garden. No soldiers here… That’s good. She slumped down, half sitting in the bushes as she tried to figure out what to do. A wayward breeze blew through her hair, and she subconsciously ran her hand over her head, patting her bangs into place… but… hadn’t Angelique been in her hair?? She glanced around, struggling to stand up as a sinking feeling dropped in her stomach.

“…Where’d Angelique and Gale go?”

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Ice-Spirit Phoenix

Ice-Spirit Phoenix
As soon as she found a place far enough away from any water, Angelique landed, transforming back into her human guise. Glancing around, she began walking down the road back toward the fight she had left. After a few minutes of travel, she spotted a couple of soldiers. Ducking out of sight behind a fruit vendor's stall, she glanced at them. They had that kid that Alexis had been carrying. Muttering a few oaths to herself, she ran around a corner into an alleyway, looking for a laundry line or some other means of acquiring clothing.

Spotting a likely source, she took the clothes and pulled them on over her usual clothes and lab coat. They were rather baggy and much too long, but for now they'd help her blend in better. Grabbing a random strip of cloth that had most likely been intended as a belt, she tied it around her head, wrapping her braid in it a number of times. Satisfied that she'd stand out slightly less, she made her way back out of the alley, stopping in front of the fruit vendor.

Out of the corner of her eye she watched as the guards interacted with the boy, apparently trying to lure him away with them. Straightening up she turned away from the fruit and began to walk back toward where she'd left Alexis and those other people.

I should probably grab the boy and run, she thought as she blended in with the crowd. Alexis most likely will refuse to leave if we don't have everybody present...

Annoyed, but mind made up, she stopped, ignoring the annoyed people who jostled her as they were forced to divert their paths around her. Summoning up her energy, she sent a wave of elemental energy at the guards. For now, she wouldn't even bother trying to control which one came out.

A nearby well erupted, crashing down on the guards, catching them off guard, and leaving them sputtering. Running up, Angelique grabbed Gale by the arm and started to drag him to his feet.

"Come on, we need to get out of here and find Alexis!"

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The boy was surprised as the water came crashing down, splashing at the guards and not him. There was a cry of a distressed man down the street. "My cabbages!" Gale heard. He swallowed again and opened his mouth to say something, but was soon dragged off by the person with Alexis.

With a cry, he struggled against her, looking behind him at his puppy, which had sorrowfully been abandoned. Yanking his arm back, the boy rushed and grabbed puppy... plus some more fruits as an afterthought.

Soon he was beside the woman again and he was still stuffing fruit in his mouth. The soft pulpy fruit was sweet, but he didn't feel as if it filled him as much as it should.

People stared and gaped at them as they passed by. He looked at her new clothes, squinting and trying to think. Was it them they were staring at? Was it because he was eating? Gale shoved the last fruit, a whole apple, into his mouth. He failed of course, but he still tried to eat around it.

The pink haired lady still tugged him along. She mentioned Lexi. Were they going to find Lexi? Gale hoped so. He liked her, despite that she said not to leave the base.

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He thought Alexis' killing of the fire to be a rather ignorant move. Didn't that make it more simple for the soldiers to follow them? As her torrent of wind attacked the immediate area, Coden held fast to his guise and and followed Alexis.

He kept close to her side, watching for other guards. Acting as body guard or guide to make their retreat less conspicuous. They seemed to make it safely out of harms way, but being in this new world Coden was well on guard. Standing close to the alley opening and scouting for anything that may pose a threat.

When Alexis mentioned the loss of Gale, The Gyspus turned on her, snatching the Moipai's shoulders. "WHAT!? What do you MEAN where is he?!" As quickly as he'd jumped her, Coden backed down and tipped down his hat. Growling irately to himself. He was just as much guilty, he warned himself, for not noticing that Gale had been missing or left behind.

"Damn it..." Some father he was turning out to be. "I'd suggest you get some decent clothes. Both you AND Pala. And just how many damned people did you bring with you, Alexis!?" Flames lit at his finger tips. he couldn't help the anger burning...building up inside him. Seeing the flames, he clenched his fists. Putting out the fire and stuffing his smoking hands into his baggy sleeves.

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jared-hai is amazing

jared-hai is amazing
Pala felt a strong sense of betrayal with the appearance of Coden. One moment he was threatening to kill her, the next they were fighting for each other. And he had the nerve to tell her what to do!? She visibly growled at him with righhteous indignation, small flecks of fire erupting around her. So this world effected her already developed talents.

"Hmph. You don't do anything as easily as it should be done, Alexis." She said, trying to avoid Coden. "You go on, i'll deal with the knaves that chase us."
Not waiting for a responce, she turned away and carried on away from them, out on towards the street. She tried to hold her temper down, and it was proving easier then she expected. Her upsettance at Alexis' change of heart dowsed out her own anger, and all she felt was cold decision.

She knew it was better to stay alone and not trust anyone. She would be fine on this world, she supposed. It couldn't be as bad as fragment, at least people actually lived here. She...just had to get out alive.

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Ice-Spirit Phoenix

Ice-Spirit Phoenix
Angelique resisted the urge to snap at the boy - barely - as he ran back for his stuffed toy and some fruit, though she didn't completely blame him for grabbing food.

"Alright, come on...we need to get out of here," she said quietly, taking his wrist again and running back toward the alley where she'd acquired her clothing. They needed to get out of sight as quickly as possible and to do that they needed to be able to blend in. People were already staring at the kid's wing.

Grabbing a few items off the clothes line, she jerked them onto the boy, making sure a jacket of sorts covered his wing, even if it did bulge out the back, and pulling a hat over his head to try and hide the ears before running down the alley to the nearest exit...a door into a building. Turning and entering, she pushed him through the kitchen they'd found themselves in. Apparently it was some kind of restaurant and the staff didn't look too thrilled at their presence. Before they could be thrown out, she dragged Gale out into the front of the shop and back out into the street.

"Alright, just stay quiet and follow me."

She loosened her grip, taking his hand and merging in with the crowd. Fortunately they had a similar skin tone, enough that they weren't greatly noticed. When they passed guards, she looked away, pretending to be interested in some vendor's stall across the street so they wouldn't catch her eyes, but otherwise kept walking. No need to act suspicious and draw their attention.

As the crowd began to thin toward the edge of town, this became more and more difficult to manage. When shouts began from behind them, Angelique yanked on Gale's arm and began running full-tilt toward the gates.

"Come on, run!"

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Alexis didn’t look at Coden, eyes glued to the ground. Guilt for putting him down, not realizing that he was with them, that he could be who knows where on who knows what world, clung to her, wearing her down. This kept happening, always happening, always failing to protect the ones around her she cared most about… She wondered why she even tried anymore…. Pala didn’t seem very happy for some reason, then again, Pala never seemed to like her, no matter what she tried. As she turned out of the alley into the street, Alexis tried to stop her, to say something to get her to stay, but a bitter taste grew in her mouth, muting her. Deciding she’d go back for Pala once she found Gale, she glanced around at the busy street to see if the coast was clear. Of all of them honestly, Pala was probably the most at home on this world… She’d be fine during the time it took her to find Gale… if he was alright. Thoughts of her stupidity dug back into her, digging deeper with Coden’s words.

“For all I know, all FRAGMENTS here! I didn’t PLAN this little day trip you know.” Alexis said rather crossly as she took a harsher step than needed to, a small dust cloud forming at her feet. Muttering curses under her breath about void tears that didn’t act like normal tears and the law of plot and karma cursing everything she ever did, she walked over to the nearest outdoor stand. Alexis quickly glanced at the wares available, and pulled a few items down, and a few things for the others. She probably frightened the shopkeep with the looks she was giving him, but she didn’t honestly care anymore. Her eyes searching the street for any signs of Angelique or Gale, her hand subtly went to her side, and opened up a small portal. Wincing slightly as she did so, she glanced around at the coins on the counter, and pulled out a small bag that had a marking that was the same on the coins. Pulling out enough to cover whatever it was she bought, she quickly stormed to the side, tossing the green, flowing tunic over her black shirt and pants, clasping a small belt on and green hair tie to her head, finally adjusting her new bracers. Seconds after she started, she was done, only her purple eyes any major sign to her abnormality, her hair covering her ears.

Tossing the other items into another shaky portal, she didn’t say a word as she went out into the street again, intent on snatching onto Pala, who was still nearby, and looking for the others together. The sooner they were together, the sooner they would leave. She went over and grabbed onto Pala’s shoulder, twisting her around. “Don’t go running off like that, ok?” Before she could say anything else, a familiar flash of aura raced by. Two familiar aura’s actually. Partially glad that they were ok, partially worried by what was chasing them.

She turned towards Pala and Coden, motioning towards the city’s exit, she turned and faced the guards. Not wanting another incident with getting split up, she waited till the others were clear before sweeping her arms back, feeling the air churn in her fingers as she slammed her aching arms to the ground, creating a massive blinding dust cloud in the street. When the brownish haze cleared, they were gone.

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Clothes. A hat. He did not like the cloak over his wing. It was binding and uncomfortable. He rustled his wing slightly, but the fabric moved as well so he stopped. He squirmed in Angelique's grip, looking around. This was not fun anymore. He bite into the apple again, edging closer to the woman. There were less people staring at them but... he did not like his wing hiding.

They were just fine until people started leaving and they were alone. Guard people saw them and then they had to run again. Gale was sick and tired of running. And he was just tired in general. But his hand was Angelique's prisoner and he was dragged along for the ride, stumbling and slipping all the while. A big wall of earth covered up the exit and they suddenly stopped. Guards behind them. One younger one stepped out and knelt a couple feet in from of the two. He was weaponless and he removed his hat, grinning lopsidedly.

"Hey, kid." He said, attempting a friendly tone. "Remember me? I gave you the fruit." In response, Gale tossed the half eaten apple at his face.

As the man wiped away the fruit and juice, Gale demanded, "Go 'way!" But the man shook his head. "We can't do that, kid. We have to protect you from the Fire Nation." He seemed to be ignoring the spit fire woman and concentrating on the child. Who would be easier to sway? The smart ass or the innocent boy? "If you just come with us..."

"No!" Gale barked at him. But his anger was dampened by his sleepiness and he rubbed at his eyes. "No more rooms! No more questions!" Then he stopped, looking up and round.

"Alright kid. You don't have to go inside. Just come with us." He reached out for Gale but he cringed away.

"Where's Papa!?" He demanded, looking at the guards and the army. Then a memory dawned. "You hurt Papa!" They had! With their stones and small rooms. Gale had another fruit left, which he promptly tossed. "Go 'way!" He would not go with these bad men who didn't like his papa.

The soldier seemed to have his patience wearing thin. "Look, kid. He's not your father. He's a fire bender. You're an air bender. He can't be your father."

The boy stuck out his tongue and took a step back, again demanding that they leave.

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Ice-Spirit Phoenix

Ice-Spirit Phoenix
This whole situation had her agitated. Not in the least because she was risking her neck for a boy she didn't know so that there wouldn't be any further delays in getting home.

Angelique scowled at the man as he tried to recruit the boy. He didn't appear to be hostile (for the moment)so she let her attention wander to the other guards present. There were a lot...too many for her to take on in a battle of powers. Even if she had her firepowers working all the way she couldn't win...

But then I really have to?

While all of her powers seemed to be diminished, the bit of magic she had used earlier not having as great of an effect as she would've liked, she still had her head, and she could easily outsmart these idiots any day. They were the type who thought with their muscles- or in this case, rocks. Smiling slightly to herself, first of all at her plan, and then again when the kid threw a fruit in the guard's face. His expression was a priceless mix of surprise and growing agitation.

Now if the kid's able to play along, we might just be able to get out of this in one piece.

That would be the hard part, she knew, as the kid didn't seem interested in having anything to do with these people (evident as he kept demanding they leave) which pretty much took out any hope of trying to persuade them that they'd been swayed in their opinions and would go with them.

So what would catch their attention enough to get them to leave us alone or at least stop paying attention? A bigger threat... The answer was simple, really. From they way they'd reacted to Coden's "firebending" there was no doubt that if she could use her fire powers, she could get them out of there. Warily she glanced around. I'm only going to have one shot at this and that means there can't be any water around.

Spotting a likely area, she waited for a moment, giving the guard a rather hard look. "And just who are you to say that that man isn't this boy's father? You don't know a thing about where we come from."

He looked taken aback, good. Now just keep your eyes on me... Subtly moving her hand, she called on her powers, aiming them at the spot she'd chosen before. It wasn't easy trying to control her fire with just her thoughts, and even harder when she had to split concentration, but all she needed was to aim...

"But the man's a firebender, the boy's an airbender, there's no way-"

"As your friend pointed out to me earlier, this boy can bend air and earth. Who's to say his 'papa' can't do the same?" She grinned as the man looked uncomfortable. As he opened his mouth to speak again, she released the spark.

A vendor's cart went up in flames, the crowd that had been gathered around it scattering and screaming, the anguished cry of "my cabbages!" heard once more above all others. Her head shot up in fake surprise as the guards all turned, many running off toward the source of the commotion.

Taking that split second, Angelique once more yanked on Gale's arm, tugging him around the wall and out of sight before breaking into a sprint. The kid was having trouble keeping up, but at this point so long as he didn't fall down, she wasn't stopping.

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Silently he lay in wait until the targeted pair approached, outrunning the similarly suited guards. Adjusting his own uniform hat over his eyes, making sure of his hair tucked high beneath its triangular dome, he darted out from his post. Smoothly joining the chase, Hot on Angelique and Gale's heels.
To the Guards behind him, originally perusing the pair, he would appear as nothing more than another team mate out to capture the 'renegade foreigners'.

Keeping pace at Angeliques side for only a moment, He grabbed at her sleeve as if to stop her. "Keep running. Alexis and Pala will assist you", he muttered to the woman quickly. Then faking a stumble He toppled himself over Gale, disconnecting Angelique and boy.

As he huddled the child against his chest, Coden tumbled safely along the side of the street into the feet of a small crowd. As he recovered, he waved on the guards who slowed to stop and help him.
"Go! I've got the boy! Catch the other one before she looses you!" He ordered the men and they did as what seemed naturally proper. Unaware that they were leaving Gale in the hands of their 'enemy'.

Sitting up, Coden adjusted his hat, tipping it down to shield his face for only Gale to see. Smiling at the huddled Child in his lap, he ruffled the boys hair. "Are you okay, Trooper?"

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Gale followed the lady, tripping and stumbling under the huge clothes. He gasped for breath, blinking dust and dirt out of his eyes when he looked back, seeing a guard approaching them. Fear swamped him and he pushed harder, but it was to no avail.

He had him. The bad guard had Gale. Whispered words were lost as his mind went blank. He screamed. He kicked and wailed and struggled as the guard rolled away from the lady. The lady that was taking him to Alexis.

But then the way he was held got him and he fell silent. Was this...? Slowly, he looked up, rubbing at his eyes. And saw Papa. Papa... was... No... He still... The boy yawned and nodded, curling up in his lap. He wanted to sleep now. And he found Papa, so sleep was something he could have after eating that fruit. Resting his head on the man's chest, Gale hugged his plush to him and closed his eyes.

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Alexis stood at a stand, glancing around at the items sold on the long table. Picking a few up and starring at them with delicate care. Or rather, looking past them, focused on the road beyond, waiting for her quarry. In the distance, she heard yells and heavy footsteps. Giving the woman a few coins, she looped the cloth into her belt, and stood there acting quite innocently as Angelique raced by, hardly giving her a glance.

Suddenly she bolted, racing out into the street just as she timed it, snatching onto both of the guards and using her momentum to throw them into the slightly singed produce cart. The vegetables toppled off the upturned cart onto the soldiers, momentarily pinning them. The poor shopkeep screamed something, but he was already out of sight and mind as Alexis snatched onto Angelique’s arm, racing down the street before suddenly bolting into an alleyway.

As they entered the street beyond, Alexis stopped running abruptly, handing the cloth to Angelique. “Cover your head with this and keep up with me. Don’t look at anything for too long, but don’t keep your gazes too short. No eye contact with anyone.” She muttered under her breath as they began walking through a rather crowded area, slowly following the mass of people heading out of town for the night. Tapping onto Pala’s shoulder as she passed her by, Alexis gestured towards the exit and the three calmly melded with the crowd and made it outside the city’s walls.

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It was no surprise seeing Gale nod off in his lap. The boy must have had it hard while in captivity, regardless of how short lived it had been. He merely chuckled and let the boy sleep. Meanwhile, shifting to his feet and escaping the crowd as they gathered round.

Following the basic flow of traffic, Coden managed to idle along side a slow moving cart. Using the large, albeit slow, vehicle as cover. Keeping Gale out of immediate eye sight until he reached the outskirts of town beyond the gate. Once decently distanced, Coden departed from the cart and ducked into the underbrush along the road to lay in wait for his companions.

While he waited, the Gyspus observed that the Guard he'd swapped uniforms with was no longer tied along side the road. A pang of longing and remorse filled the pit of stomach. He was going to miss that uniform. Granted it had been a gift from Tarot; a symbol of his treachery to the resistance, but.... damn, he loved that uniform....

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Ice-Spirit Phoenix

Ice-Spirit Phoenix
Biting down the desire to argue with the girl, Angelique pulled the shawl over her head over the belt-turned-scarf so that it shaded her eyes and obscured her features. Following Alexis back out onto the street, kept pace with her through the crowd and out of the city. Once they were well away, she spoke.

"I had the kid, but that red-haired guy showed up and took him from me," she said, letting the scarf drop around her shoulders. For now it seemed they would be waiting for the other two to catch up so she took the moment to roll up and tie the pant legs of her acquired outfit over her ankles. Unfortunately that meant her shoes were visible, but she wasn't about to change them.

Stepping over to a nearby bit of water, she fidgeted slightly, looking at it. It was tempting to use the down time to try and figure out how to prevent herself from being doused every time she tried to use her fire powers in the vicinity of water.

Trying to concentrate on the water, rather than her own fire, she waved a hand. The water rippled.

"Oh come on! You stupid water you'll move when I don't want you to, but when I actually try to get you to do something you stay put!" Seething, the temperature around her spiked, causing the water to splash up into her face.

"......" She stood still for a moment, eye twitching, before she threw her hands up into the air. "GYAH! I HATE WATER!"

Seething, she stormed back over to the group. Spotting movement on the side of the road back near the city, she watched for a moment. The figures weren't entirely familiar in the green clothing, but a lone guard with a child in his arms was a fairly unmistakable sight. Pulling the shawl back up over her head she began to storm off toward them.

"I think the other two just arrived," she called over her shoulder as an after thought. "Now let's get out of here."

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Alexis focused on every step she took, eyes drooping on her as they walked out into the forested hills. Dredging up short bursts of energy just to stay alive and get out safety… With the hope of a peaceful reprieve ahead, her steps grew slower and her gait sluggish. It felt like ages to walk on the road, longer to walk towards a small stream. As Angelique tried to work on her waterbending, or at least that’s what Alexis assumed, she slumped down against a tree, watching her, waiting for the others to catch up. And then they’d leave…

Glancing down at her hand, she wiggled her fingers, as if testing to see if the digits worked. Her aura, which usually spread slightly past the width of her physical hand, barely trickled along the paths that flowed through her, barely a hairs width. She hadn’t really been at her normal capacity lately… But… This was just sad… Actually… It was bad…. She couldn’t… Couldn’t dare make a portal like this…. She’d end up… Well… Lets just say it wouldn’t end well….

Alexis began to nod off when Angelique headed off, presumably to retrieve Coden and Gale… She tried to stand up to stave it off, couldn’t rest so close to town… But with the hope of sleep on the horizon, her body refused to cooperate, lulling her mind farther and farther away. Angelique… or she thought it was her, said something in a garbled quiet tone that she couldn’t understand. She mumbled something in response, but as soon as the words left her mouth she promptly forgot what they were. As a figure approached in a blur of aura and light, Alexis gave up and felt a darkness cover her world.

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In just a short matter of time, Coden and Gale were discovered by Angelique. Whom wasn't in the least bit pleased. Then again, none of them were. Thrown blind into a new world without escape or exit; as far Coden he knew in the least. Or else Alexis would have surely ported everyone back to Fragment a long time ago.

Speaking of Alexis, as he rejoined the group, Coden over looked the slumbering Moipai. Dead asleep and looking well over taxed. It made him feel guilty for yelling at her before. It couldn't have been helpful in their last minute escape. If he could, he might take it back.

For a short while, they sat beside the road, hidden. Recovering as they exchanged tales. How each showed up. How each had been caught, captured, accused. Complaints and ridicule passed tongue to tongue. One blaming another or simply releasing frustration over the unexplained event.

After a time, Coden tuned out the group and watched the road. Thinking it best the group get moving. While they all wanted answers and were in the meantime stuck in this world, they could not stay in one place for long. Not with 'bounties' on their heads. With much debate and a singular settlement, the group began travel. It being decided that Pala and Angelique would handle Gale, albeit Coden's refute. And Coden would Carry Alexis, more able than Pala, whom was biased on touching the moipai, and Angelique, whom was more willing to carrying a lighter load than a heavy one.

They had only traveled for what seemed like hours, ducking into the under brush along the road when heavy traffic passed them by. And avoiding anything that might be higher authority. They their distance in general from any traffic that might recognize them. As the day passed, though, the group grew sluggish. At least those less travel-hardy. Pala complained less, but looked more unhappy than ever. Coden always felt her heated, distrusting glare boring into the back of his head. Angelique merely sounded sore and tired. Coden was use to the travel, but annoyed with the following complaints from those around him. Making a road side rest tempting with every step; anything to shut the other up. It was getting dark, but they couldn't risk stopping.

It was then that a lone wagon came hobbling along the road beside them, drawn by two very strange looking creatures resembling something of giant bird with faces likes horses. It's driver, unable to ignore their casual banter of weary complaints and odd ball traveling arrangements, slowed his quarry to a halt beside them.
Three woman, a child, and a man who looked like he belonged anywhere but the side of the country road. And none of whom looked prepared for a travel he'd no idea how long would be.
Taking what he saw as he saw it, the man invited the 'family' to his cart. Offering to deliver them as far as he intended to travel. A place called Ba Sing Se, where the farmer intended to sell his crops for the season.

After a long and awkward debate, they agreed. The man was oblivious to who they were. And it was as good a shot in the dark as they may have in a long while. Pala, Alexis, Angelic, and Gale were all seated in the back. Settled into a warm and rather comfortable mix of hay, produce, and some small animals of strange variety. While Coden, as the apparent father/husband of the renegade group, was granted a seat beside the owner of the cart up front. Where he over went brief adn vague introductions. Making out Gale to be his son. Alexis his youthful fiance'. Pala, his sister in law. And Angelique his cousin. Winding up some fabled tale that he'd unexpectedly been transferred to Ba Sing Se as a Gaurd. And had to take him. So unnoticed and sudden that they'd little time to spare to pack for the trip, but relatives awaited their arrival.

It was far fetched and not even Coden would have believed such drabble if it was told back to him. He was a bit embarrassed to have come up with it, even on the spot. The Farmer seemed to buy it though. Merely smiling and nodding. Seeming to ....understand...their situation. The rest of the ride was relatively quiet, save for the few bits of exchanged conversation that slowly dwindled into the night.

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He slept throughout it all. Once Coden had him in his arms, Gale could no longer stay awake. He had eaten; now he had to sleep.

And sleep he did.

All the while they traveled, he fidgeted in his sleep, dreaming of things he wouldn't remember when he awoke: a sense of helplessness, stones, pain, fear, ruby red eyes and stone cold gray ones. He would twitch and sweat, clutching whatever he could, whether is was Pala's jacket or Angelique's long hair. At times, his mouth would open as if to cry out in his sleep, but soon snap shut again.

Slowly, he became aware again. A soft rocking, the sound of creaking wheels on the dirt road beneath, a soft, scratchy material propping him up in a comfortable sleeping position. His eyes cracked open, dirt and sweat caking them. Rubbing at them, he was finally aware of Alexis and Pala and Angelique and... some kind of strange animal began nuzzling him. It looked like a cross between a pig and a rabbit.

Pushing away the whiskered nose, Gale sat up more. It was night. It was cool. He didn't know where they were or what they were doing or if they were in trouble or if anyone was hurt.

It took him several tries to get his voice to work. "Wh..." He coughed. "Where are we?" His memories were foggy, and he couldn't recall how they got here.

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