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Last Airbender

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Ice-Spirit Phoenix

Ice-Spirit Phoenix
After getting across the ice bridge back to the boat, Angelique had left the merry little troupe to their business. She wasn't a part of that and she didn't want to be. Moving to the front of the ship, she watched as they approached the other side of the bay. They should be arriving fairly soon.

Content that the morons had pulled themselves together well enough to no longer need adult supervision, she leaned against the railing, enjoying some (as far as she was concerned) well earned solitude. She saw another couple of figures nearby, but kept her distance. It could only be guessed that they all wanted to be alone.

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Alexis ran her fingers through Gale’s hair absent mindedly, “…He’s…. He’s just sad that you are still afraid of him…….. He’s not used to caring I think….” She whispered to the boy. She wanted to cling to him after what had happened, set him in her lap and reassure herself that he was truly alright. But she was still afraid. Afraid of what could go wrong, what she could do, what she had done.

As the shadows became more and more influential, Alexis felt a sick, sinking feeling in her gut. Negative feelings churned within her, spurring her to wonder what help she was at the moment. She couldn’t get them home. She couldn’t handle herself in a fight. She had to have others save her. She was cursed and lost on some backwater world. She… she couldn’t handle this. She needed to…. Do something… but exactly what, she didn’t know…. But until she figured it out… She…. She couldn’t be around these people…. She cared too much about them for her to hurt them inadvertently…

As the boat docked, Alexis stood up, resolute in what she was going to do. Gathering Gale and their possessions up in her arms, she led the boy over toward Angelique. Several yards away, she stopped, and fished for something out of her bag, and stuck it into her pocket. Handing the bags to Gale, she knelt down, giving the boy a hug. “…Now you go over with Angelique and get everyone together, alright? I’ll… I’ll be back in a little bit…” Giving him a quick peck on the cheek, she scratched his head as she stood up, ushering him towards Angelique.

Edging away from Gale as soon as he had his back turned, she raced off towards the other side of the ship, to where she knew Coden was probably brooding. She hesitated for a minute or so before walking towards him. Stuffing down her emotions as she went, a choking vice muted her. Without any warning, she quickly embraced him, clinging to him for a moment before kissing him lightly. “…I’ll come back” She whispered as she leapt over the side of the ship, nimbly landing on the docks and raced into the crowd.

Wiping the tears from her eyes as she ducked around a corner, she quickly discarded her coat, rushing to put a cloak on, covering her hair and features. Slowly walking back into the streets, doing her best to blend into the masses of refugees. She’d figure out how to fix this… Then… Then she’d come back….

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Ice-Spirit Phoenix

Ice-Spirit Phoenix
Angelique was standing in line to get off the ferry when she found herself suddenly in the company of Gale and their stuff. She glanced at him, raising an eyebrow.

"I thought the others were with you," She looked around but didn't see Alexis, Coden, or Pala in the line yet.

Muttering darkly under her breath about nuisances and the inconvenience of waiting, she strolled forward, expecting the kid to follow on his own. She wasn't his nanny after all.

As soon as they got off the boat, they wound up in another large cavern with long lines of people waiting to get their tickets stamped to get into the city. With an aggravated sigh, she stepped into one of the lines, motioning for the kid to follow. Might as well get a head start for whenever the others decided to grace them with their presence. She wasn't a babysitter.

Now ensconced in the slow-moving line, Angelique set about doing what she did best...ignoring any-and-everyone around her. However she soon found current circumstances eating away at her resolve.

"So where did everyone else go?" She snapped at Gale eventually after a mixture of curiosity, annoyance, and boredom finally got to her.

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With his back turned to the rest of the ship, Coden let the long stretch of water and land a like take up his eyes sight. Following every tiny detail as a means of distracting himself. And stubbornly turned down offers of a cleaner uniform from other soldiers and guards on the boat when told they had extra to spare. the comfort of something clean sounded wonderful, but he was in no mood to graciously accept their gifts of hospitality. Instead slipping his arms from the sleeves and letting the shirt hang over his belt. They eventually just left him alone.

Somewhere from the crowd, a stout old man was watching Coden brood. Humbly, he started toward Coden, though he never reached the Gyspus. His company over taken by Alexis first.

Surprised, Codens brooding little attitude vanished. If not for a moment, in the vary least. Part of him wanted to shove her away, gently, and return to his brooding. Doing so was difficult when she approached him in such a manner, only to run off in the blink of an eye.
Stunned, he bolted after Alexis, stopping at the rail. Her name a mere breaths width from the break of his lips. He needed to go after her, but the feeling was mutual. He understood her need to run away for a little while. Hadn't he done the same, once upon a time?

"Allah, Guide her...", he muttered in rare prayer. After sweeping a weary hand across his face, and composing himself, Coden finally followed the suite of so many other passengers. All the while keeping an eye out for Gale and the others. He had to stop though, someone catching his eye. Pala, on the other of of the ship, was fast asleep under a shelter. He had half a mind to leave her there. Something, from out of now where, made him think 'What would Alexis do?' Groaning softly to himself, He hurried across the deck as a stout old man was trying to rouse her.

"Ma'am, You will have to wake up if you are going to Ba Sing Se. You wouldn't want to miss your stop." The old man gave her another nudge when Coden grabbed his shoulder.

Swallowing hard, he summoned his inner manners. "I beg pardon sir. That is my companion. She is very tired and--"

"Oh! I thought she was alone! I am glad she is not. Going the road by is not easy. even in, good old Ba Sing Se! Hahaha. Ah, having friends is good, yes?"

Coden gave the old man a queer sort of look. What an odd fellow... He meant to ask what the old man was stuttering about when the old coot attention was dragged towards a young fellow waiting to get off the boat.

"Uncle! What's taking so long?"
"Ah, my impatient nephew... I will leave you to your companion, then. Perhaps we will meet again, hm?" The old man gave Coden a pat on the shoulder before hobbling along to join his 'nephew'.

Shaking his head, Coden knelt by Pala's side and gave her a small nudge. He could have kicked her after the old man left, but all that calm and slow paced bantering managed to ease his mind a few notches more after Alexis' departure. When she didn't wake right away, He just scooped her up and carried her off the boat. He was a little less grumpy, but no more patient than before. Which probably didn't bode well with all the lines.

Groaning to himself, he looked for Gale, worrying eating at him. First the boy and Pinky. As he was seeking them out, someone pulled him from the line. A soldier.
"Sir. If you'll come this way, we'll get you into the city right away."
"What?" Coden looked upon the soldier incredulously.
"You're one of the transfers, right? You'll to jump right to the head of the line, so If you'll just follow me..."

Perfect, no line waiting. First, though... "Wait, I have other comp...Family. We were separated getting off the boat."
"No problem. If you can point them out, We'll gather your family and bring them to the front for you, sir."
Nodding, he scanned the crowded lines as they ascended to the front. It wasn't easy, but he eventually spotted Angelique, and could only assume that Gale was with her. Gods he hoped so. He pointed them out and a pair of border guards were sent to fetch them while Coden and Pala were escorted to the front and through the Border.

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The boy was surprised by Alexis' actions. Surprised... and confused. Only to have the quick scratching of the head ending, did he realize that she wasn't coming back. Why else would she have kissed him? She knew that he didn't like them. They were bad. But the confusing thing was that it didn't feel bad. It was... saddening. Disheartening. It was a good-bye kiss and she wasn't going to come back.

The boys ears drooped as he stood idly by Angelique. He did not want Alexi to leave. That was bad. Alexis... she was his friend. Yes... she... took care of him when he was sick. She made sure he got food and kept the people in the base away from him when they scared him.

Gale did not want Alexis gone. It... it was as bad when Rook had gotten taken away by the demons. He was lonely, even though there were others here. He was alone.

Seemingly out of nowhere came a couple of guards. They told both him and Angelique about Coden's position and said that they were coming to fetch them. They walked in between them, but Gale always kept an eye out for Alexis. Too bad he never saw her.

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Ice-Spirit Phoenix

Ice-Spirit Phoenix
" would seem that being related to a soldier has its perks," Angelique commented as she and Gale were lead away to where the others waited.

One of the soldiers nodded. "That it does, miss. However, you should be forewarned that mentions of the war are forbidden inside the city. I'm sure you've been briefed on that already before the transfer, but we like to remind people..."

Angelique raised an eyebrow. Well that was an interesting development. She should probably mention that to the others. For now, however, she half listened to the guards as they explained things about the city.

Quickly enough they managed to make their way through the crowded hall and to the front where Coden and Pala waited...

Angelique stopped, realization dawning. Alexis was nowhere to be seen. Glancing around, she tried to catch a glimpse of the girl, but she was nowhere to be seen. She forced her temper in check as it flared up as her mind connected the dots. Their way home had abandoned them.

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The boy kept looking for Alexis, keeping an eye out for her in the crowd. He hopped up and down as he walked beside Angelique, looking for that purple and black hair,looking for any sign of the Moipai. But he couldn't find her. She wasn't there. She - THERE! Was that her?!

Gale broke away from the group, dashing through the crowd. In his hurry, he didn't realize that the cloak covering his wing had fallen off. But when he came to the spot where he thought he saw here, no Alexis. He spun around in place, seeing people giving him and his twitching ears strange looks and whispers, but no Alexis. Had he even seen her or was it just his mind, playing a trick on him?

"You there! Young man!" Gale spun around on his feet, quickly raising his hands. But it was just an old man, sitting on a bench and holding a cup of tea. Gale gave him a questioning gaze in which he nodded and beckoned him over. "Yes, you! Come here for a second, would you please?"

Gale was hesitant, wing rustling slightly before pressing to his back as he approached the fat old man. What harm could he be?

"Sit, sit!" He was told and the boy cautiously settled himself on the bench, a bit away from teh old man just in case he decided to attack.

"Tell me," he said, holding his cup, "do you like tea? Jasmine tea is a favorite of mine." Gale shrugged, and the old man called over some sort of vendor, ordering Gale a cup of hot tea. The boy took it and sniffed it before sticking his tongue in it and making a face.

The old man chuckled. "Aah, not to your liking? ah, well." He took a sip of his own tea and Gale was just about to leap fro mteh bench and leave when he spoke up again.

"I must ask," he interrupted Gale's jump and the boy glared at him. But he continued as if used to such looks. "Are you a dragon?" His eyes sparkled as he asked that, and Gale found himself unable to lie to this old man.

"Part." He spat out. Then he said "A little."

"Ahaha!" The old man said, sipping on his tea once more. "That's why you have a wing, yes?" He smiled and Gale shrugged. An angry stomping came their way and the boy looked over his shoudler to see a very angry person heading their way. The scar on his face made him suck in a breath, edging away. Fire. fire burns. fire is not good.

"Uncle," the youth said impatiently, "we have to go. Come on." He gave Gale a glare that the boy was happy to return.

"Tell me, young man." The uncle said, ignoring the angry kid all together. "Do you have any family?"


Gale spat out his ritual answer "don't need family." Then he paused. "Got traveling friends, though. Better."

"Aah, good, good." Said the uncle, standing. "Perhaps we will see each other again someday, hm?"

Gale leapt to the ground himself, flexing his wing slightly. "...Maybe." Then he turned on his heel and left the Uncle and Scarred kid to their own business.

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The next few days flew by in a hazy blur for Alexis in Ba Sing Se. The star rose and set on the world without her notice as she worked in an abandoned building on the edge of the outer ring. She'd occasionally leave the dark sanctuary she created to venture out into the city, always cloaked, always on guard. Gathering supplies for her newest batch of spells and theories.

She found a university in the Middle ring that was helpful to an extent. Skipping over the books of history and law, geography and mechanics, she delved into the mythos and lore of the supposed 'Spirit World'. She found many references to spirits and god like beings that ventured forth into the mortal realms, influencing it as they pleased, along with the Avatar that was the spirit of the entire world born into human flesh. While this was all fascinating, this did not help her as she had hoped. She found books on bending, finding several scrolls particularly interesting on air bending. But more importantly, of a bending that predated the others, energy bending. If she was somehow able to learn that... She supposed she could use it on herself to lift the bindings placed upon her.... One of many theories she was trying at the time.

After copying down any important findings into a little book she kept on her, she would hurry back to the lower ring, to pick up new supplies and return back to her temporary home. It had soon turned from an abandoned hovel to a place of outright chaos, scribblings in chalk and ink on the floors, walls, ceilings, every surface inside was covered in runes, spells, wards, anything she could think of that would help. Papers strewn about, along with piles of random objects, half burned candles, herbs and stones. All that remained from her constant work, trying to get her powers back. Nothing seemed to work, either the spell would fizzle out, backfire and send her reeling to the floor, or simply nothing at all.

While she loved to experiment, she did not have time for this. All that mattered was getting her powers back. Not even the plaguing questions about her mentality seemed important now, possibly shoved aside by that same unknown source. She'd worry about that later... when everyone was back on Fragment... When people weren't dependent on her. That guilt spurred her on, kept her going through the days and nights without end. She remembered once waking up after getting almost blown to bits after a failed test, but other than that, her days in the city were spent feverishly working without rest, food, or the comfort of any human presence, in fears that it may be too late when, if, she found a way out.

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As suddenly as they'd been introduced to the avatar world and the famed Ba Sing Se, the group was well accommodated with a comfortable environment for their living expenses. Coden's assumed roll as a guard providing them a rather lavish homestead. It was Coden's intentions to lock them all away into their new confines and plan their next move. Before he could even get in the front door, he was pulled aside. Apparently, he'd be getting no rest. Forced to make an immediate check to his would be station as Angelique was abruptly left as the charge of one empty house, a comatose elemental spiritualist and a temperamental child who's one control link was presently missing in action.

The remnants of Angelique’s days were made up of babysitting while Pala slept the hours away on her belly with a burn scarred back. And avoiding a childish fight every time she had to convince the one-winged brat to stay in the house and not wonder off. She'd never hear the end of it if Coden found out she let the kid out of her sights. Not that she cared. They were doomed to begin with; stuck in this gods forsaken world with it's twisted element magics and politics. Alexis had abandoned them to boot, she may as well walk out the door and rid herself of the crazies she managed to get herself tangled up with.

Of course, as tempting as the idea became, Gale always managed to sidetrack her with his queer way of dealing with Alexis' abandonment of them. Having abruptly fallen into a stillness close to the front door where he sat like a watch dog, as if expecting something, or someone, to come knocking any moment. It was that mindset he had. Alexis, he remembered, had said she'd come back. How soon, he didn't know. Just that she promised, so he'd wait. All that morning he'd been eager to go and find her himself. Always thinking, what if she didn't know how to find their new 'house'. What if she was trying to find them now and didn't know where to go? What if--

What if she found the house while he was looking for her?

He sat still. He'd wait. Waiting was good. Okay. He could be patient, for a while.

He fell asleep in front of the door that first night in the new house. And Angelique, much as she felt she should, didn't dare attempt moving him. It was too much effort to bother anyhow. After much debate, she dumped herself off on a sofa in the front room beyond the door. All the closer to hear Coden when he finally came back, whenever that was, so she could chew him out.

The next day came and went. Still no Coden. Gale remained plastered to the front door. Pala still sleeping off her wounds. Once, she heard a knock at the door. Gale was the first to the door, all excited and eager like. Only to be disappointed by an unfamiliar face. It was one of the neighbors, inviting them over for breakfast. It seemed people were friendly around here. While slamming the door in their face sounded refreshing, growling stomachs beat her to the feat.
“I...can't leave the house. My....” What was it Coden had called them all? Ah right... “My Cousin's sister in law is ill. I'm not allowed to leave the house.”
There went a free meal. The house was entirely bare, as far as she knew. Seemed they were in kind company, though. The Woman on their doorstep simply invited herself in, after retrieving goods from her own home.

The rest of that morning was spent in unusually kind company. As Angelique and the Woman shared their 'stories'. It wasn't an entirely easy task, winding up a fake family history about their little troop, but it came with a free and easy meal. Not that she'd tell Coden that... All the more dirt to dish on him when she finally got to vent out of him for leaving them, even if it hadn't been his choice to.

After learning a bit about the city and their new neighbors, Angelique and Gale returned to their own routines. Gale at the front door, and Angelique..... Well, she wasn't sure what do really do with herself, so she made company out of a half sane Pala, feeding her the left over of their breakfast and describing their situation to her. Whether or not the comatose woman had understood any of it was a mystery to Angelique. As soon as Pala finished eating, She'd been reduced to little more than a vegetable with a full stomach. Leaving Angelique to ramble on for what must have been at least a half hour before she realized she'd been talking to herself.

Day two in Ba Sing Se dragged on into night number two. Again, Gale fell asleep in front of the front door. Albeit this time Angelique draped a blanket on him before curling up on the sofa. Wide awake and watching the door. Eager for a familiar face to come walking through any moment. She'd begun to think Coden had abandoned them as well. What rotten luck that'd be. She'd maybe give him till tomorrow. If he didn't show....

It felt like mid day when the front door finally creaked open. Gale twitched awake almost immediately while Angelique was only just cracking her eyes open. It was kind of sad to see his expectant expression fall at the sight of Coden. Angelique wasn't about to let her mind get all muddled over trivial things as that, though. Throwing herself at the Gyspus, she immediately gave him a piece of her mind. Over exaggerating her trials with being thrust into a position she hadn't been prepared for and etc.

The Gyspus hardly gave her a second glance. He could tell she was tired. Although he didn't realize it was because she had been up all night waiting to give him the load of bull she was giving him now. Regardless, he offered a peace treaty to her, a bag emitting what smelled of their first real meal in what must have been days.
“It's been a long day. Can we talk over dinner?”, Coden asked, as Gale dug into a second bag at his side.

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Ice-Spirit Phoenix

Ice-Spirit Phoenix
In the day and a half that Coden had been gone, Angelique had nearly gone stir-crazy. Left alone in the house with Gale and Pala...she might as well have been completely alone. Then she was left with the task of thinking up their cover story. While on-the-fly was rather difficult, it was fortunate that she had spent the last 500 years or so making up various aliases and stories. The problem would be getting everybody to remember it. One reason of many she preferred to go at things solo.

After the incident with the neighbors coming over, it hadn't taken her long to start straining at the leash. This world was hell for her. There was no technology to speak of, so left her with nothing to do really. True, she had begun with wood for building, having been born in the middle ages, but still...she had become used to modern technology, steel and robotics. She wanted to go...well...almost anywhere else would do at the moment.

Unsurprisingly it hadn't taken her long to begin storming around looking for stuff to do, hands fidgeting with the various items in her labcoat pockets. Yes...she still wore that underneat the Earth Kingdom garments. Within minutes she had decided that since nothing else had presented itself, she would do what she was good at...disassembling and reassembling the furniture, in various ways. Move a leg here, switch surfaces, perhaps even hang a door back upside down or reversed...just to see if she could. Actually for a while she had somehow managed to replace the door to Pala's room with the dining table.

When Coden arrived back the next day, the house appeared to be back to normal. While she would've much preferred to get everything off of her chest right then and there, she settled for leading him into the dining room, stepping gracefully around all of the various parts and pieces lying around on the floor. Coming to a stop at the end of the table, she gave him a moment to survey the room.

"So sorry about the mess," she said blithely. "Though perhaps we can get to dinner quickly so that we can discuss how I'm not a house maiden and I'm not going to be stuck here every day playing babysitter and nursemaid to these two!" Her voice raised with every word, going from a false sugary tone to anger, slamming her hands down on the table for emphasis. One of the legs fell off. "Well...looks like I forgot to put the fasteners back on that one...the others seem to be holding, though."

She had decided to switch some of the joints around. It made her rather pleased to note that her experimentation had worked aside from one little oversight on her part. Wrenching her mind from her projects, she glared at Coden.

"So cousin dear, I hope that you're ready to take your turn at watching over our two catatonic roommates, because as soon as we're done eating here...I'm leaving for what's left of the daylight hours and before you even try, you're not going to stop me."

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Time seemed to circle around and disassemble around Alexis as failure after failure seemed to pile up on her. Nothing she tried seemed to work. No spells she memorized, guessed at, or vaguely remembered worked. No cleansing, banishing, breaking, tearing, dispelling spells that she knew of helped. Try and try as she might. Too many spells on herself, not thinking of the consequences. Nothing seemed to work from other worlds, the only possibility that she could come up with was to try the most plot device friendly manner of spell castings, she was going to have to use this world's magic and find some way to access this spirit world and either ask for assistance from them or to teach her this energy bending. It seemed that any teachings on this style of bending was lost to mortals ages ago. So that was her only feasible option at this point. But without her magics, the task seemed impossible, and she wasn't going to go back to the others with half baked theories.

As she worked, she didn't talk to anyone, had no one to talk to but herself, and for some reason she proved to be the most interesting of company. As time went by, she began having more and more conversations with herself, racing brain thinking too many thoughts at once. Focusing on too many failures, paranoia, the solitude digging at her. She was never going to find it. Never going to figure this out. She was going to stay on this rock forever. Alone. Absolutely alone. She was never going to see her friends again. Never going to see those she cared for again. Never going to go back to the hellhole that Fragment had become to her. Never going to pound his head in for what he did to her. Never. Through her own stupidity, or his magics, or her fallibility, she was going to fail. What point was there in trying anymore?

Time went by as such. Failure after failure. Attempt after attempt. Degrading all the time. No where to go. No one to turn to. All she had with her was time. Time that seemed to run differently for her now. Or had it always been like this? It was hard to tell...

She wandered through the building in a delirious state, fingers dancing along the runes on the wall muttering spells and random theories to herself. Work half forgotten, confronted by the voices she couldn't quell. Couldn't close her eyes out of fears of the images she'd see. Couldn't quiet the voice that wasn't her own but sounded like her. She wanted to go back to the others so badly, she couldn't stand being alone. But she had to. She wasn't ready. She wasn't fixed. She wasn't safe. She'd never... She'd never be safe...

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Stepping cautiously over the mess scattered about the floor, Coden could only imagine what Angelique must have done to keep herself sane. Considering he was unfamiliar with the immortal woman, that left a pretty wide berth for imagination. What she did in her spare time was far from his concerns, granted she didn't destroy their only place of comfort. It certainly wasn't the heart of home, but then mercenaries like Coden never did have the patience for a place to truly call home.

Sighing quietly, He instinctively triggered for his tendrils to catch and fix the table leg. He felt silly after expressing surprise when they didn't do what he wanted them to. Expressing something of displeasure, he set the bags on the floor and manually fixed the table leg with spare parts laying at his feet.

“I'm sorry you were tied down to whats left of our renegade troop. I'm grateful you stayed with them at all. I wouldn't go as far to say that I am indebted to you, but You're free to venture out if you want. You deserve that much.”
After ensuring the table was secure, Coden moved the bags to the table top and began removing covered dishes of various delicacies , fresh fruits and a few jugs of drink. After the feast was set up, he rummaged for dishware in the bottom of the bags, leaving them stacked as he scoured the room for chairs not disassembled.

“If it had been my choice, I would have stayed from the moment we arrived. These people don't realize we aren't naturally apart of their world, though. In order to blend in, I have no choice but to follow their customs and culture to appear natural. I've been trying this from the start, but apparently certain members of our troop are unconcerned with blending in and avoiding trouble the 'right' way. Everything’s a mess...”
As he explained he busied himself with setting the table and making a mindset that this was all just an awkward, undercover mission. He had to play the role he'd made himself to be and setting the table ,like any guardian might do, was just such an action that seemed to keep him partially content. instead of tired and irritable. Not from work, but from constant worry and concern.

Setting the last utensil in place beside it's empty dish, Coden backed away from the table and took a deep breath. “Where's Pala? She....she should eat with us.” He still despised her, but Alexis would prefer it this way. Prefer them 'united', so to speak. What else? He something else while he sorted out his mental process. He spotted Gale, his mouth falling agape in mid order. Then frowned softly as he turned back to the table, awkwardly straightening a chair. Before finally pulling out the seat and leaving it open for Gale to sit; moving to the side a few paces after.

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These days were horrible for him. He was inside - couldn't go out. Couldn't go out because his wing made him stand out. No one else had this fleshy appendage on their backs, so that meant Gale had to stay inside. Coden.... Coden told him to stay... Alexis told him to stay with Coden... so he did.

But he didn't want to. He wanted to look for Alexis. She just left. Just left. After the initial surprise left him, there was just a hole. As if a knife pierced him and bled his heart dry. It hurt there. And in his head. But he stayed inside. The memory of being unable to go out grated on his temperament - it reminded him of his childhood a bit.

Unconscious fear kept him from running over the wall and ceiling - literally - in frustration. Instead, he sat by the door and looked out the window. People pasted by. People with dark skin or pale skin, red hair, blonde hair, brown hair, black hair. But no purple in it.

And then some lady came by, all nice and inviting. Gale didn't like her because she wasn't Alexis. He needed Alexis back. The boy needed her to tell him it was all all right. Coden couldn't because Coden's all right left him in unbearable pain last time.

Once, he thought he saw her. Angelique was away, so he snuck outside, darting on hands and feet and tackling the person to the ground, yelping in delight. But it was not Alexis. It was a lie. Pushed off and yelled at, he sat there, blinding staring.

Then he howled, pain and agony. She said she would be back! She said she would be back! But she wasn't back! Where was she?! The disturbance was only resolved when Angelique dragged Gale back inside, muttering apologies. But that didn't stop his tearless crying.

Angelique couldn't get him to stop, so after uselessly yelling, she left and tried blocking out his wails.

He stopped later and curled up in front of the door again, pointed ears drooping to his shoulders.

How much later Gale didn't know, the door opened - ALEXIS!! But no. Coden. Perked ears fell and a hopeful smile was wiped from his face as if he had been smacked. But... at least... Coden... came back...

Would Gale be hurt cause he went out when he wasn't supposed to? Coden said it was protection...

He sniffed. Food? Curiously, he looked into Coden's bag. Not just food, fish! He looked up at Coden, who was talking with Angelique. Could he eat this fish? But they soon went to the kitchen, stepping over a mess Gale was unaware of. For a couple more minutes, he sat by the door some more. But night was falling and he was having difficulty seeing anything - much less a raven haired Alexis.

Clattering. Gale looked over his shoulder, ears twitching. Dinner? With a longing look outside, Gale headed into the kitchen to see Coden working on setting up dinner. He smelled the fish still.

Open-mouthed, talking then silent, Coden turned to him. Then made a seat for him. Gale looked outside again. Then carefully walked to the seat, leaping up and crouching in it. Reaching for the bag, he pulled out three big fish and dumped them on his plate.

He could eat fish. This many was no problem, since he had practically nothing these past two days. But the meat stuck in his throat and the boy only managed two bites before pushing the plate away, looking to the door once more before curling up in his seat on on the table.

Would Coden let him go out and look for Alexis? Gale could find her... he could find her if given enough time. He could probe the area for he. He knew Alexis. He knew her feel. That not feel in her. Not as good as Alexis feel, but he would recognize it.

But last time Gale went somewhere Coden didn't want him, he got hurt. Too hurt. and he couldn't fight back, try as hard as he could. Gale wanted to avoid pain, unless it was little pains that would avoid big pains. Coden gave big pains. Gale did not want big pains. So he curled up in his seat, giant earth kingdom clothes flopping over his hands. He eyed the barely eaten fish again. He was hungry, but had no will to eat. Stomach empty, but not enough drive to fill it.

Gale could find Alexis. He knew it. He knew he could... but Coden wouldn't let him outside. Father never let him outside. Because of his wing.

An idea crossed him him, horrifying the child. If he cut off his only wing, would Coden let him look for Alexis? He would fit in, then. His most important thing would be gone... but then he could get Alexis back.

He would never fly again, but he would get Alexis back. The idea scared him and he shook with fear and anxiety.

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jared-hai is amazing

jared-hai is amazing
She heard him calling. A voice that somehow managed to hide an innert hatred. She felt deeply could she keep things like this? Why had Alexis just left like she had?
Stuck in a rut of de-motivation, Pala had found her back a conveniant excuse to do nothing, despite that excuse growing weaker by the day. Her natural resiliance had helped her recover a little speedily, along with that girl's healing hands, she was returning to a healthy state.
Unsure to if she should have answered Coden, she got up, sighing. Meh...she didn't want to stay here anymore.
"I...need to get some air, i'll make my own food later, you can have mine.."
Leaving out into the city, she decided find somewhere to rest, and relax. Somewhere with trees, not too crowded. If she could focus, she might be able to make herself more aware to the spirit world. Perhaps the dead could give her solice - they all had their own peace.

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Ice-Spirit Phoenix

Ice-Spirit Phoenix
Angelique sat stoned-faced at the dinner table. Despite Coden agreeing to let her go, she was still highly irritated from the day and a half of being cooped up. Birds weren't fond of cages, typically.

With little ceremony, she dug in, taking several fruits and vegetables from the bag, wrinkling her nose at the fish. When Pala left, offering her share out, Angelique shrugged, taking another fruit out of the bag and getting up.

"I'm going out now...I should be back before dark," she said, stepping back over the mess, through the living room, and out the door. Adjusting her shawl to ensure her eyes were shaded, she took off toward the train station. On their way to the new house they had passed through the Lower Ring, a hive of refugees and rat-holes where talk of the war probably lurked despite the city's apparent insistence that it didn't exist. No better place to find out information about their current location.

Showing her papers to the guard stationed at the middle ring station closest to their new house, she boarded the train. Going this direction was unsurprisingly empty aside from a few guards who were probably going off to the outermost wall, and a few suspicious-looking figures in matching dark green clothing. The latter watched her as she boarded, which she ignored. It wasn't any of their business what she was doing there...she was allowed after all.

The train ride was blessedly short and soon Angelique found herself standing on the platform that lead down into the dark depths of the lower ring. She glanced toward the sun to get an estimate of how long she would have before descending the stairs and onto the street.

'Now to find the city's equivalent of the underworld...or at least a place that I can listen and talk unhindered...'

That thought in mind, she took off down the street, winding and weaving her way through alleys and pas shops and ramshackle housing. Refugees and the lower class lined the streets, making a near impenetrable wall if you weren't moving with the crowd. In the interest of not being trampled, she decided to follow along, stopping several times along the way at crowded restaurants and stores, observing them and the clientele before continuing on.

As the afternoon wore on into evening, the crowds began to thin out. Eventually she stopped in front of a rather small tea shop and entered, glancing around. Over in the corner was a possible candidate. Slipping over, she smiled at the man, clasping her hands loosely behind her back.

"Hello, sir," she greeted. "Would you mind if I joined you? Perhaps I could buy you a tea in exchange for company?"

The man looked up at her, suspicious, but yet apparently pleased by the idea.

"Of course...I would be happy to offer a young lady company," he said, gesturing to the seat across from him, which she took. "Though I have to ask...what is a lady from the middle ring doing down here so late in the evening?"

"I have my reasons...perhaps we can discuss them further over the tea?"

He nodded. "Of course..." Motioning over a young man with a scarred face, they placed their order before returning attention to each other. Appraising glances, studying, sizing each other up to determine whether or not they were trustworthy. She had definitely picked the right person.

"So tell me...are you knowledgeable about this city?"

"I suppose that depends on who wants to know, and what."

Angelique smiled, leaning forward across the table. "Tell me everything."


The conversation dragged on for a while, Angelique having to dance around certain questions that the man tried asking her, information she really didn't want to reveal to anyone at the moment. He seemed rather aggravated by her lack of response, but was willing enough to answer her questions with a small bribe. Eventually she had learned more than enough about the city, country, and war they'd been landed into for comfort. Still, the knowledge would be helpful.

Her thoughts, and the conversation, was interrupted by a boy with shaggy hair crashing in and accusing the shop's two employees of being firebenders. She watched with mild interest as the teen who had been waiting on them kicked a table at the newcomer and all hell broke loose.

"Well I'll be taking this as my cue to be out of here," the man said, slipping toward the back of the shop with a slight tip of his hat. "Don't want to be around when the Dai Li show up..."

She watched him go, debating following, before deciding to follow the crowd outside. The scarred boy had just been knocked out the window after all. It was dark enough she couldn't see much, but what she could see was still interesting. At least until the fabled Dai Li made their presence known, breaking up the fight. Interesting to note that they wore the same uniforms as the people she had seen on the train.

"All over the place like the man said," she muttered, turning to head back to the train station. Might as well see if there were any running this late at night as she had been out quite a bit later than she had originally planned on. Or perhaps find a nice place to roost for the night. The sun was down and she was tired, after all, and it would be a nice little bit of vengeance for Coden. Decided, she ducked into a back alley and changed forms, flying up toward the rooftops to find a small nook. It was difficult in the darkness, but eventually she managed to find one out on the main street that was lit well enough to find. Flitting in, she settled down for the night.

It was going to be so much fun trying to either shift back or fly back in the morning...

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No one talked to her. Not while she was at the university. Not while she was on the streets. Not while she was at her temporary residence... Until today that is. There was a knock at the door that she did not answer. A rattling of the knob and a wrenching as the door was forced open. Heavy footsteps paced through the main room. Pausing as the men dressed in dark greens and concealing clothing stared at what the place had been transformed into. For those who could not understand what the writings were, it must have looked like the realm of a madman... It was very possible that it was by this point.

Alexis turned to stare at the men, eyes boring into each of them in silence. Sickly and emaciated, her eyes hallow and listless. Her face slightly flush with a fever hidden by her unkempt hair, even more spiky and crazy than it normally was. Part of her told her to kill the intruders. They must have been sent to finish the job. End them before they end her. One of the faceless soldiers reached out towards her, and quicker than one would think of the rather wild looking girl, she had a small patch of his sleeve in her hand. She stared at the bit of torn cloth, fingering it as if it was something horrendously significant.... "You're not made of paper after all..." She muttered as if that cleared things up for her, and she stepped away from them slightly, fingers dancing on a particularly ornate spell circle on the wall.

"...If you wanted to talk to Gramps... I have to say.... Have to say that he just left.... For a little while... He and I were having a chat about my latest projects... Always seems to think that I overdo it... And he hates being called Gramps... but he lets me do it for some reason... Why are you here? I knows there's no meetings anytimes soon... So it can't be that... can't be that at all... Oh yes... You were going to take this report Lieutenant, and give that to my friends down below to be read off to the soldiers..." She said as she handed one of the men a long strip of paper with Shinto spells written on it. "That needs to be read out to the Resistance apparently... Some sort of plans or something that I was left with... We were going to attack the rainbow squid empire... Finally someone believed me about that... I half didn't myself until yesterdays when one flew right over town and razed the buildings... After thats.... after that would you do me a favor and fetch the general for me... I haven't seen him in a while... I miss him a lot..."

She walked up to one of the men, her hand listlessly in front of her, "I don't remember if you've met him or not.... he's sorta around your height, with a reddish tone to him, some streaks of blue and gold over there... a patch of black right there.... and tiny silver bits all over, mostly right there" She said, gesturing to the back of her neck, "And there's a bit of glow that's new, I blame the summer and burning tea kettles, but that can happen anytime one travels to diffent worlds"

"I needs to let him know about my latest findings.... After three hundred and forty two experiments, I figured out some possibilities.... I gotta try to goes to the lands of ghosts and gods and monsters and parley with them to learn how to does stuff that no one else can do anymores, and then we'll be off in space then back to attacking the shiny guy with a top hat and cards.... Really... why is it that he always uses cards in everythings? Its so weirds... I mean... change up your stuffs every once in a while... I would at least...."

"Either that or we coulds go after the walrus peoples in the deep east and have them fish up a giant clam and the pearl inside the clam is a world that if we shrunk down small enough would have the solution for us... Or so I was told... I don't believes it when I'm tolds stuff by her... She has a few screws loose if you know what I mean..." She turned away, muttering under her breath for a moment to an invisible person to her side.

"Alsos.... I've come to the conclusion that the voices in my head must be coming from somewhere outsides my head... otherwise they wouldn't be talking about stuffs that I don't knows about to me. I wonder if it can hear me talking now... Maybe it really is the one that's talking, and I'm not really here, just a little bit of consciousness just stashed away observing everything and imagines that it's really me on the outside... oh gods I'm scared... I think I've gone crazy, that everything feels so slow and fast and thick for my tastes... Have you ever felt that way? It sucks.... The voice that sounds like me but isn't me won't stop yelling at me ten thousand things at once... I see people... I see dead peoples even when I'm awake... They've escaped from my head and they want to kill me for letting them all die... They won't stop tearing at me from the windows outside... Can't you hear them? You must hear them, they are there right now! You had to have gone through all of thems just to get here... I.... I just wants it all to stop.... I wanna go home.... Please.... can you tell the general that? I have somewhere I have to go... I don't know where or when or how longs... but I miss him... I may never be able to go back... Just like my own planet... I can't go there because of the voices and now I can't go back to the others because of it and it's not fair.... It's not fair at all.... I just want to go home!"

As suddenly as she slurred out the last bit she collapsed to her knees and began to sob, oblivious to the fact that the soldiers were still there or that for at least one party involved, everything was all going according to plan...

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When the guards had responded to the disturbance reported to them, they'd have never expected what they found within the not so abandoned house. Strange drawings and scripture littering every inch of every wall, floor and ceiling alike. None so much as eligible to any of them and making entering the house a task all it's own. They were wary enough when the girl lashed out, only to reconcile with a monologue of, what sounded to them, nonsense. Of course, it all sounded plausible, until she mention rainbow squids. Glances were exchanged as a pair huddled around one man as he was handed a scroll of apparent orders. Though crinkled expressions were formed when all they could see were a long list of illegible scribbles.

“Do you think she's serious, captain? I mean...she really could be, you know...”
“I'm really not certain. I'd hate to make assumptions, but I've seen the war to a lot of crazy things to those people we call refugees. She's probably just had an unfortunate encounter....”
Keeping an eye on the girl as she rambled on, a pair of guards tightened their perimeters at Alexis' side. “Shall we detain the subject, Captain?”, asked the closest man. He received a curt nod from his superior, and passed the gesture on to his companion. Before they could touch the girl, she simply collapsed between them, emitting sobs of pure turmoil.

Besides the Captain, a look of grief overcame his 2nd in command. “Wait!”, the man pulled back his fellow men in arms, forcing them to let the young woman weep in peace. Then turned back to the Captain.
“Sure it's absurd, Captain, but making such an easy assumption is too risky in times like these. I mean...just look at her!”
Appalled, the Captain looked between Alexis and his 2nd before gripping his arm and pulling him aside. “And wasting our time discussing this mater is any more risky? She could just be acting. Spies are no more uncommon than unstable refugees,” he murmured in a quiet undertone.
Roughly pulling away from his captain, the man gestured to the young woman fiercely. “THAT is an act? Captain, she's just a young girl.”

The guards standing by began to back down, carefully siding with their 2nd in command. Alexis' tears were certainly not fake. And her cries more than a little convincing. Even as 'men of war', they still had the heart to realize she was just a young girl going through a rough time. Silence became them as they allowed Alexis' crying to be well heard by their captain. Glancing between his guards and the girl, the Captain gave a disapproving sneer to each of them. His only notions of coming to terms with her innocence when his 2nd in command decided to speak up again.
“At least summon the General. If he knows her, than we'll know she's innocent and have done our country a good deed with these...coded plans,” he gestured to the scroll, still firm in his captains fist.
“And if she's a s-...if she's not?”
“She's not going anywhere,” he spoke dishearteningly. “We'll watch her every second until the general gets here.”

A long drawn out breath escaped the general as he messaged his temples. This was a guilt trip he wasn't soon escaping. Giving the scroll, and Alexis, a very hopeful and discerning glance he nodded. “Alright. Alright! -But if this turns out to be something it's not, know that the consequences will fall heaviest on you, soldier.” He tapped the scroll against the 2nd in commands chest. Displeased that he received a grin instead of a grimmer impression. And could only roll his eyes as he sent a summons for the General.


“A young girl you say?”
“Yes, Sir. She was quite adamant about requesting to see you. She was outright sobbing when she mentioned you.”
“Is that so? I expect you got this young girls name?”
The General lifted his eyes from the scroll, all but suspicious and intrigued by it's script and origins. He gave the soldier before him a ridiculous glance when he failed to provide the girls name.
“You didn't get her name? Are you even certain she meant for ME to get this scroll? As far as I've heard from you, she hadn't even uttered my 'name'.”
“Well, sir. You see....she was quite distraught. I....we....were afraid questioning her, let alone moving her, might disrupt her mental state. Thus loosing vital information. It was decided it might be best to let a possible familiar face stabilize her before we did anything further with her.”
The General gave the soldiers explanation a moment of thought before showing his approval. “I see. Your radicalization of the situation is quite admirable. I shall disregard the prior flaws of your actions.“
“Th-thank you, Sir”, the soldier mutter sheepishly.
“I suppose I could bother to see to this suspicious young woman. What better way to break in our newest transfer. What say you, lieutenant?”, he asked a second man in the room.
The visiting soldier raised his eyes to the man the General gestured to. A mid height fellow he'd hardly noticed, standing quietly in a corner of the room. As he gaze upon the man with much curiosity, the fellow glanced back. Dark eyes sending a chill down the soldiers spine.
“If you insist, General,” the lieutenant replied from his corner.
“Perfect! If you will, soldier, Lieutenant Zahra and I will accompany you back to the lady in waiting.”


The whole while they traveled, the lieutenant was eerily quietly. An irate expression apparently pasted to his face. It was quite discerning. His only signs of liveliness seemed to be when the General interrupted his apparent brooding.

“Is there something wrong, Lieutenant? You've seemed troubled all morning,” the General commented to his subordinate.
Coden piqued up to accommodate his General with a response to sate the mans concern. Biting his tongue to avoid a tone that would sooner get him in trouble than keep him in good terms with his commander, Coden merely shook his head and waived the conversation.

He couldn't help but be in such a foul mood. After the stunt Angelique AND Pala had pulled this morning, he'd nearly lost it in front of Gale. All he expected of them was to be around to keep Gale out of trouble until Alexis came back. Meanwhile he'd deal with keeping them a low profile through working for the government. He was already stuck with the gimmick; he may as well put it to use. Yet they had the gall to disappear when he actually needed them. Or rather, not show up at all.
Coden hadn't slept a wink that night, waiting for either of them to return. Not a one showed face. Were they all just going to vanish until they all split ways entirely?

The though made him stop dead in his tracks. Gale. Gale was practically home alone right now. Granted their was a neighbor keeping an eye on him, but how much could he really trust a person he didn't know the first thing about? It was frightful enough that Gale's character had dramatically changed the night before. The boy hadn't even finished his meal. When had Gale ever displayed a lack of hunger?

“-ahra? Lieutenant Zahra? Are you coming?”, their guide beckoned.
”Wha-?” Coden jolted into awareness.
“It's this building here, the others are holding the girl inside.” The solider guiding them pointed out the door and continued inside where a soft, continuous crying continued from whence it began. Before Coden followed, the General pulled him aside.
“Lieutenant, are you sure you're feeling well? You're distracted, I can tell. I can't have you distracted at a time like this, anything could happen.”
Brushing the man aside with a low and irateness as he could muster, the Gypus urged for them to continue. “It's nothing, I assure you. My morning simply did not start out pleasant. In fact, none of this past week has been pleasant....”
The General gave a small understanding nod. “I see. These things happen, Zahra. In the guard, we are all family, though. If you are in need of something, do not be afraid to speak up..”
“Of course sir. I assure you, it's nothing of dire consequence. Please, may we venture onward? I don't think your host can wait on you much longer.”
The General, though mildly concerned, seemed to laugh and agree. “So it seems. Let's not keep the poor girl waiting, then.”

When they entered the building, Coden stood to the back of the room while introductions were made, glancing at the walls and floors with interest. The markings looked familiar. Where had he seen these before?
At the middle of the room, the General was knelt in front of a sobbing Alexis. Flashing the scroll she'd given them in front of her face.“I understand you were quite urgent about seeing me, Miss. I was wondering if we'd met someplace, I don't seem to recognize you. I was wondering if you could provide me your name and help us understand what you're doing here.”

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From where she resided on the floor, Alexis peeked through her fingers at the man in front of her claiming to be the general. But... He wasn't the general... She knew what he looked like... right? She had to! Things like that didn't change... Unless he knew how to switch faces. The crying had subsided as her face dead panned, snatching the piece of paper in front of her and staring at it for a moment before crumbling it up in her hands, "...Experiment.... experiment forty three.... After creation and application of seals and spell words the subject experienced mild nasuia and headache, and a feeling of giddiness that lasted a total of thirty nine seconds. Otherwise non successful and classified as a failure." She dropped the piece of paper to the floor.

Her attention was focused on the general now, her hand gently reaching out towards him, playing with a few metals with her fingers, "You are not the general... You are an impostor... Did the glowy man send you to find me here? After all.... It wouldn't be the first time.... Did he finally stop making paper men? Tell him congrats for me...."

The illusions kept trying to talk to her, but since they were not real, she didn't pay them much attention. She hummed some odd sounding tune to herself as she proceeded to pick at some scrap piece of paper on the floor, soon having a splendid pile of paper bits in front of her which she began to organize with her finger, working on her next experiment. Number three hundred and ninety seven. Whatever experiment three hundred and ninety seven would have been was lost as she realized that one of the shadows was more solid than the others.

"....General?" She asked the man in the corner, oblivious to the man right in front of her. "But... I'm.... I'm not ready yets... I'm not fixed yet.... I still got have the thing in my that talks like me.... I can't go back yet..." Oh how she wanted to go back, but until the voices were gone, she wasn't safe. She'd end up with blood on her hands, and then the voices would be absolute. "I wants to... tell them I'm sorry... But I'd end up hurting them.... And I'd die before I let the voices win.... I can't lose to it, don't you see? I have to go..."

She bolted upright and tried to run off, but the shadows leapt at her, able to somehow grapple onto her, sending her reeling to the floor, "I'm not safe anymores..."

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The General tried to make sense of the girls words. Experiments? Magic and seals? “Glowy man? I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about,” He murmured, watching her tear the scroll into tiny bits. If it truly had been a coded plan, there was no hope of figuring out what it really said now. Dismally, the General began hoping the girl was just a nut case and thus an utter waste of his time.
“Young lady,” he murmured, wiping a hand over his face morosely. ”If you can't tell me who you are are why your here, I'm going to have to take you away from here. To a place most unfitting for a young lady. Do you understand?”

As the questioning proceeded, Coden became less interested in the writing on the walls and began to pay more mind to the questioning. That girl sounded awfully familiar. “Al...exandria?”
By the time he picked up on who she was, and realized she had addressed him, not the general, the girl bolted. He lurched into motion as guards tackled her to the floor, dragging one back and throwing him across the room. “Stop! Get off of her! I orde--”

The General pulled Coden back by his shoulder, addressing him with utmost seriousness. “Lieutenant? What's the meaning of this? Do you know this girl?”
The Gyspus nearly threw the man off of him, but managed to stave his urgency to assist Alexis before he did anything too rash. Looking the General in the face with a ferocity, he turned away.
“She's.....She's my fiance, General.” He knew Alexis wasn't ready to come back, but now, it seemed she may have no choice.
The General gave Coden an aghast look. “Your...fiance? What is she doing here?”
Coden stormed back into the group of soldiers struggling with Alexis, prying them away from her and enveloping her firmly into his arms.
“She hasn't been well for a while. She recently went missing, for the sake of her health. It seems isolating herself hasn't done her justice.... General, Please allow me to take her home. And may we forget this entire matter?”
“Lieutenant, That's... I can't....”
“I understand I am new, Sir, and haven't the credentials to be asking for something like this, but---”
“That's enough, Soldier...”, The general motioned for the Guards to move outside. ”I understand. I will Ignore protocol, just this once.”

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There was a nice lady looking after him. Well, she had been. But he paid her no heed when she was there. Every once in a while, she would peek through the hall and look at him, but - be it fear or ignorance of the situation - she left him alone. Soon she left altogether. Gale hadn't slept at all last night. He pretended to go to bed only to get up and pace in front of the door. If he sensed Alexis nearby, she wouldn't leave again.

This day, after he awoke from the floor, Coden was gone. There was that neighbor there. And Gale played the part of unruly child excellently. He tossed the breakfast to the ground, intimidated her whenever she got to close and snarled and bit her when she touched him. He must have done it too well, for the woman soon left, screaming bloody murder.

He still couldn't leave the house, though he was alone. But why were the other allowed to go and not him? He was alone now. No familiar faces. Nothing in this world of elements. If there was ever a time he wanted his friend, Rook, now was a time. At least in his stupidity there was comfort. But here, there was nothing. The woman said Coden wanted him to stay here. Was that a lie? But if he moved, neither Coden nor Alexis would know where he was.

He let out a scream of frustration - he lost count of how many times he had yelled since he woke up - and flipped over a table, sending a crash echoing through the house.

Then he returned to the door, stepping over piles of rubble and broke porcelain from his latest tantrums, and paced in front of the window like a caged animal.

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Alexis immediately calmed down after Coden grappled her away from the soldiers, losing any real interest in what was going on around her. As Coden talked to the general she lifted the large flat hat off from his head and placed it on her own, constantly adjusting it as it felt like it was too big. Humming a little to herself, she was perfectly content with this new status quo until as suddenly as the soldiers came into her sanctuary she was shuffled out of it, brought back out into the daylight. She turned around, making motions towards her refuge, pleading to return to her work and solitude that were ignored as she was gently lead off.

Soon she fell quiet, shrinking up against Coden as they merged into the thicker crowds of the lower ring. Eyes darting around her, she repeatedly muttered under her breath a mantra to try to calm herself down. She did not like being around so many people right now. Not when at any moment she could lash out kill everyone there…. She didn’t trust herself around anyone anymore. Over and over she repeated the foreign verse to herself, until she was completely lost in the action.

She was jolted out of it by a sudden lurch in her stomach. The familiarity of the sudden increase in speed vaguely helped her focus slightly. Coming to some semblance of sanity, she glanced around at her surroundings to see the city zooming by below. Houses and buildings cramped together stretching miles and miles in every direction. She realized that she must be on the trains as she glanced around at the car. There were not many people on with them, a few men in green, an elderly couple, and a child slightly younger than her sorting through a stack of posters with a strange creature on them. Paying them little mind, she curls up next to Coden, out of the simple desire to be close. And he was warm, much warmer than her. That helped…

She tried to explain what she had been trying to do, trying to fix herself where no one could get hurt because of it, but after a while, everything began to blur together and loop in on itself again. Her eyes grew heavy in the peaceful mid-morning ride, her speech slurring as her brain began shutting down. With a sudden jerk of her hand to her other arm she dug her nails into her skin, forcing herself to stay awake through the brief pain. She kept it there stubbornly, eventually the nails were marred with blue, joining the other cuts and scabs on her arms, further marred by burns and bruises, along with strange markings all caused by her ‘experiments’. She let go eventually, her hands now rubbing the sore spots, but at least she was still awake. The demons and terrors from her dreams wouldn’t get to her in the waking world... she hoped.

Some time later they eventually made their way to a large house. It seemed familiar to Coden, who led the two of them up to the front door. Once it was opened a force barreled into Alexis, sending the shaky girl to the ground. Her eyes were wide with a sense of fear at the small boy who’s arms were grasped around her. She had missed him terribly, but that incessant fear bore at her rang in her ears. Unable to get herself to push him away from her, she returned to muttering the mantra to herself, fingers absently playing with the boys hair erratically.

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She had come back. Both had come back. He knew it was a good idea to wait, even though, in his impatience, he had destroyed parts of the house, taking a knife and tearing up a couch, smashing holes into the walls, and tearing up a chair. Being alone in a house was too similar to before...

He squeezed hard with his skinny arms, burying his head in her chest. He wouldn't let go or let her go anywhere. He didn't want to be locked up in teh house again. And while he was coming to terms with what Coden did to him, there was still that deep rooted fear, connected to his abuse, that still made Gale fear him.

Alexis felt funny. Skinny funny. He felt his hair being messed with, but right now it didn't matter. Did Alexis get caught by the demons? Did they hurt her? Looking up slightly, he saw the burns and scratches and scabs. A hiss escaped him. Who did this? Golden eyes looked over her shoulder, glazed with anger.

Whoever hurt Alexis wouldn't get away with it....

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Stepping around the pair on the floor, Coden gaped at the mess that had become their temporary home. His blood boiled hot, though his expression remained passive. He knew it was Gales doing. And wanted fiercely to correct him as any proper parental figure would. He knew that would never go over well, though. Who did he blame then? The sitter? Where was the sitter anyway? The house was quiet, no one came to great them. He assumed as much that they'd left Gale home alone; or Gale drove them out of the house.
Just one more reasons for him to tear into Pala and Angelique, literally.

"Gale!" He bit his tongue and cleared his throat. What was he going to do? Make the boy pick up the mess? As if Gale would truly do anything he told him to that extent. He turned to observe the winged child glued to Alexis' midsection.

Swallowing the brunt of his frustrations, he turned away and removed the heavy green coat of his uniform, hanging it on a nail where a large extravagant painting once hung; now shattered and torn to ribbons upon the floor.
"Let's...clean up a bit. And maybe we can go find some supper before the others come back...", he murmured rigidly. Stuffing down his frustrations into a tiny box in his chest as he solemnly began picking up the bits of broken glass and shredded furniture.

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Ice-Spirit Phoenix

Ice-Spirit Phoenix
When dawn came, Angelique was up, flitting from her nest and back into the alley from the previous night. After checking that the coast was clear, she transformed back into her human form and stepped back out onto the main street. While it wasn't as busy as it would get later on in the day, there were people wandering around already, getting to their shops or jobs and ready for the day. Without much interest, she walked through the street, making he way to the train station to catch an early lift back up to the middle ring.

The train reached the platform within a couple of hours. Disembarking, she debated going back to the house before deciding to spend what was left of her free time wandering around the city for a while. Eventually, she decided to return to the house.

Quietly she entered the door, noticing the state of the living room and twitching slightly. Apparently someone had left Gale unsupervised. Lovely. She also noticed three figures.


Surprise, actual happiness at seeing the girl, but underlying it all...she was furious. Snapping back from her moment of surprise, she stormed toward her. "Where have you been!?"

She ignored Coden who looked livid, ignored Gale who was hovering over Alexis protectively (the only reason she hadn't shaken the girl...she really didn't want her arm bitten off at the moment), eyes set on the girl who had decided to up and vanish without so much as a warning.

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Alexis stared up at the woman who bore down on her, jolting her out of her repetitive mantras. Her eyes were glassy as her fingers fumbled on the floor, finding a piece of broken stone and settled it in her hands. She had a defiant look on her face before turning down to stare at the etchings she was starting to make on the floor.

“I’m exactly where I have been for the last three weeks. In here, stuck in isolation. Not like I would be able to leave with the seals on the door… Are you going to tell me what the elders are pissed off at now? Because it wasn’t me this time… Seeing as I’m being punished and all….” She snarled at the memory.

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