For RPs dealing with The End of Days OCT.

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Rules & Guidelines - Please Read

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1Rules & Guidelines - Please Read Empty Rules & Guidelines - Please Read on Fri Jun 11, 2010 4:49 am


This is a forum based off of The End of Days OCT on DeviantArt. Characters must be Original (OCs) and owned by you. You may have as many characters as you think you can reasonably play, though try not to put too many characters into one RP. 2-3 max unless you have a very good reason. This does not apply to characters with split personalities. All personalities together are considered one character.

RPing Rules:

1) Practice Common Courtesy - if you don't want it done to you, good chance you shouldn't be doing it.

2) One-Liner posts shouldn't be made in the serious area of the RPs. It's very rare that a one-liner can stand alone, so assume yours can't.

3) NO GODMODDING!! I cannot stress this enough. Your character is not God, and even if they are...well that's a different problem altogether. Characters have flaws, characters have weaknesses, show them!

4) Obey your mods (when I assign them)

5) PG-13 rating cap, please. I don't want to have to restrict parts of the forum. Thank you.

Formatting and Posting Guidelines:
Guidelines to cut down on confusion and help organize RPs.

1) In the Subject Line, after whatever topic name you choose, please put one of three headings: Open, Closed, or Finished. Open topics are those where the RP is unaffected by people jumping in and out so people are free to enter whenever. Closed are topics where the people participating are important, so it's a request for no new participants to jump in. Finished topics, obviously, are finished and ready to be archived.

2) On the First Post, please put a brief summary of the story (after it gets started is fine, unless you have a specific plot you want to act out and know you do) and a list of characters (if Closed). This may not be completely necessary, but I'm thinking that if threads get long enough this would be a quick way to check who's in what story arc and keep track of things. So I'd like to try it for a while, but feel free to give opinions.

3) In order to cut down on confusion on who's RPing who when, in the Heading for Responses or somewhere in the top of your post write the name of the character you're RPing currently. If you're doing multiple characters in one topic either create a line break between the two sections, each with the appropriate character name heading them, or make two separate posts. If the character is supposed to be an unknown entity, you can use question marks to indicate such, but put their name if and when they reveal themselves.

4) For Off-Topic, if you have to say a little something (ie: asking for clarification or for a ref) make sure it's distinctive from the rest of your post. I've seen several ways:
((OT: message))
Just make it so that everyone knows it's you and not the actual post Razz Top or bottom of the post, I don't really care, though traditionally it goes at the top.

5) When starting a new RP, post a link to the picture of the location if at all possible.

6) If RPing with a character nobody knows, post a link to their bio at the top of the first post they're in.

((NOTE: Those topic format rules do not apply to the "Chat Room" section. That's supposed to be informal))

All rules and etc are subject to change without notice!!! Though I'll try to let you guys know if I change these for some reason :/

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